Juice = Juice Tomoko Kanazawa graduation concert, Akari Uemura nominated as the next leader-Media “Merumo” to support hobby girls

Juice = Juice Tomoko Kanazawa’s graduation concert will be held at Yokohama Arena on November 24th, and Kanazawa will join the group and Hello with the performance! I graduated from the project.

Kanazawa has been active as an original member for about 9 years since the group was formed in 2013, and has supported the group as a leader since 2019. The reason for graduating this time is to concentrate on his own medical treatment, but due to Kanazawa’s strong will, the Juice = Juice concert was selected as the place of graduation.

On the day of the event, about 6,500 people were mobilized after taking preventive measures against the infection of the new coronavirus. In addition, the live performance was broadcast live on Hikari TV, and live viewing was also held at movie theaters in 47 prefectures nationwide.

This is Juice = Juice’s first solo live at Yokohama Arena. In addition, since it is the first and last stage with 10 people in the current system, the system will be full while ensuring social distance on the day. While the vast audience seats were filled with the light of the apple-colored (red) penlight, which is the member color of Kanazawa, the first song, “Don’t be fooled, hold me” is gorgeous with a formation that makes full use of the staircase stage. It was the first time for me to appear. The second song is a new song “Future Smile” from the Kanazawa last participating single. At the first MC, Kanazawa said, “I’m thrilled, but I’m enthusiastic enough,” and proceeded with a performance announcement that seems to be a leader.

In the first half of the block, seven people other than the new members performed five songs in a row, showing the backs of their seniors. The current Juice = Juice seems to have the appearance of working hard with each other in terms of singing and dancing to raise the overall level. After showing the charm of an adult with “Va-Va-Voom”, he sang “Tell me what you like” painfully, and in “Sweetly sweeten”, he sang with a brilliant singing. In “Poturi to”, “What are you thinking now?” And the lyrics that overwrap in this situation are very close to my heart. Regarding “Plastic Love,” which was his first performance, Kanazawa recalled at a later MC, “I wanted my juniors to sing a new song, following my thoughts.” After going through the dance block, the atmosphere of the venue was refreshed with only three new members, Ichika Arisawa, Risa Irie, and Kisaki Ebata.

The next four songs are medley blocks in which Kanazawa co-stars one after another in four groups composed of a small number of shuffles. After showing “Platonic Planet”, “TOKYO Glider” and “Wonderful World”, “Synchro. ]A duet by the original members of Kanazawa and Akari Uemura, evoking applause at the venue with a warm medium ballad while exchanging innocent smiles for a while. Seven people other than the new members said, “I think I can live alone, isn’t it, are you complimenting me?” ]The live also entered the second half. Following “Fiesta! Fiesta!” From “I have to hug you before I say”, I raised the voltage and attacked, and the performance of 10 people in “CHOICE & CHANCE” made me feel reliable. Was there.

In “Magic of Love,” which has colored Juice = Juice’s live closing many times as a cheerful number, Uemura unintentionally puts a simple word in response to Kanazawa on the lyrics, “Oh, I love you!” Also the appearance. In the MC before the last part of the main story, three new members expressed their impression of the sight of Yokohama Arena. While looking back on “Watering Can” played only by the new members, Kisaki Ebata said, “In each rehearsal, it feels like someone makes a mistake, so the three of us talked and practiced. I’m really glad. ” Risa Irie said that she caused a lot of trouble during the rehearsal, but she cried with excitement, saying, “I’m happy to see this scenery as I’ve worked hard,” and the senior members said, “I understand!” The appearance of raising a voice. Ichika Arisawa also said, “I’m just grateful that so many people have come and I’m still in my dreams.”

Here, Kanazawa introduced the song “Familia”, saying, “I’m going to raise the bar myself, but I’ll sing a very good song. I’ll do my best to sing with a smile.” The members sang the warmth of the “place to return” with tears, and when the audience at the venue became one, the final part of the main story was “Goal-Tomorrow is over there”. We ran around the entire venue to get excited and conclude the main story.

In the encore, Kanazawa, who appeared in an apple-colored dress, performed “The Way Back to Think of You,” which she had performed in her solo live performance. When I think that I started singing “Continuing STORY” alone from there, the members join in No. 2 and connect to the ceremony to send Kanazawa by singing together.

Kanazawa took the time to convey his thoughts in his own words to the venue. “The time I have been able to work as Tomoko Kanazawa of Juice = Juice has been a pride and a treasure in my life. It was an important and precious time that I couldn’t change anything else.” This time, I decided to graduate because of my illness. To be honest, it would be a lie to say that I have no regrets or loneliness. Still, I hope I can make this choice the right answer! I would like to continue to devote myself while valuing this. “” Thank you for your continued support for Tomoko Kanazawa and Juice = Juice. ” I will also convey compassionate words.

And here, Akari Uemura, the last original member, was nominated as the next leader of Juice = Juice. In response to this, Uemura called it a surprise to Kanazawa, and after having each member directly convey the words one by one, he spoke in his own words the response to Kanazawa. “Congratulations on your graduation. I was really happy to spend a lot of time with Tomoko. I may not be able to do it like the leader Tomoko, but I will do my best to connect the batons. Don’t worry, because the leader is me. Besides, all the members love Tomoko more than Tomoko thinks, so I may be contacted tomorrow (laughs). Before I knew it, I had a lot of juniors. ” Kanazawa smiles as the members answer “yes!” To Uemura, who calls out to the members, “Juice = Juice in the future is absolutely cool!”

“Please rest assured. Congratulations. And everyone, thank you very much for coming here,” said Uemura with a big applause from the venue. Introducing Kanazawa’s song, “With expectations for Juice = Juice, which Uemura will lead from tomorrow,” the final song is “Let’s run to the future!” 』. After a bright ending, all of Juice = Juice would like to thank you. Kanazawa left the arena with a greeting at the end. “Thank you very much for nine years. I was very happy. See you again!”

Tomoko Kanazawa will concentrate on the treatment of endometriosis, which was the cause of poor physical condition. After his symptoms have improved and he has calmed down, he aims to return to the entertainment path in the form of solo activities. In addition, the MV (full Ver.) Of “Familia” from “Plastic Love / Familia / Future Smile”, which became Kanazawa’s last participating single, will be released from 21:00 on the 24th. From the following day, the 25th, Kanazawa’s solo song “The Way Back to Think of You” will be released for distribution.

【set list】

“Juice = Juice Concert 2021 ~ FAMILIA ~ Tomoko Kanazawa Final”

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa)

1. Don’t be fooled, hug me

2.Future Smile

3. In the middle of romance

4.DOWN TOWN / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

5.Va-Va-Voom / Kanazawa / Uemura / Inaba / Inoue / Danbara / Kudo / Matsunaga

6. Say you like / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

7. Be honest / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

8. Potsuri and / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

9. Plastic Love

10.DANCE NUMBER / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

11. Watering can / Arisawa / Irie / Ebata

12. Platonic Planet / Kanazawa, Danbara, Matsunaga, Ebata

13.TOKYO Glider / Kanazawa / Inaba / Kudo / Arisawa

14.Wonderful World / Kanazawa / Inoue / Irie

15. Synchro. / Kanazawa / Uemura

16. Do you praise me for saying “I can live alone”? / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

17. I have to hug you before I say / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga

18.Fiesta! Fiesta! / Kanazawa, Uemura, Inaba, Inoue, Danbara, Kudo, Matsunaga


20.Magic of Love

21. family

22.Goal-Tomorrow is over there-

EN1. The way back to think of you / Tomoko Kanazawa solo

EN2. Continuing STORY

EN3. Start running to the future!


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