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Updated on 09/13/2021 07:43 pm

Judge Jonathan G. Newell committed suicide last Friday after FBI agents entered his home to arrest him, as he was in the middle of a case of child abuse as a defendant. This happened in Maryland, USA.

He was a judge since 2016 and before that he was a prosecutor for Caroline County in Virginia, for more than ten years. According to prosecutors in the case, Newell was to be taken into custody on charges of sexual exploitation of children.

This case began after a minor reported that he discovered a hidden camera in the cabin bathroom which he and Newell attended on a hunting trip they made to Hoopers Island on July 23.

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When the authorities confronted the judge, he would have bitten and swallowed the card memory of a camera, where there would be more video material of naked minors.

During the arrest at her home in Henderso, Maryland, a neighbor claimed to have noticed flashes, what he believed were gunshots. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived.

In the complaint that was filed against Newell, there are also references to some interviews of young people who went to the pavilion of the judge’s house, where they pointed out that he checked their bodies in the bathroom “in search of ticks.”

“At least two of the children said they were naked when Newell checked them for ticks; one said he moved his own genitals for Newell to look for ticks, and the other initially did not remember whether Newell touched his genitals, but later claimed that Newell moved the minor’s genitals once or twice to look for ticks, “can be read in the criminal complaint made by the FBI.

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In a search of Newell’s home, they located a hard drive containing numerous videos of boys showering. Also, according to the FBI, Newell could be seen in the images that made up the camera.

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As state record William H. Jones explained to The Sun, the investigators moved immediately: “A lot of time, effort, and man-hours went into investigating this as quickly as possible with an attempt to solve it.”



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