Juan Luis Guerra holds a series of concerts in February: “See you soon Punta Cana”

Juan Luis Guerra keeps up the series of concerts or residence in February at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. “See you soon Punta Cana,” posted the Dominican artist.

The four presentations are scheduled for Saturdays, February 5, 12, 19 and 26 of this year.

The Dominican singer-songwriter asked his followers on Instagram which song cannot be missing from the repertoire to choose from and which is distinguished by songs such as “Bachata rosa”, “Bubbles of love”, “I hope it rains coffee” and “Visa for a dream” .

The functions will serve as the launch of the artist’s new tour entitled “Between the sea and malmeras”, resuming the events scheduled for last year, suspended by the pandemic.

Inspired by his most recent album, the concerts will be outdoors, with the unmistakable stamp of musical quality that characterizes Juan Luis and his 440, but without leaving behind the “infallible”, one or another confessional merengue and there will also be room for romantic themes.

In addition to Juan Luis, the 4.40 group is made up of Juan Rizek, Roger Zayas and Adalgiza Pantaleón.


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