Juan Carlos Borrego Nava has a motorcycle accident


Juan Carlos “The Sheep” Nava suffered a motorcycle accident that left him with a black eye.

The comedian uploaded two photos to his Twitter account where he presents the consequences of the fall.

“Thank God I’m fine, thank you for your love. It was a motorcycle accident, but I’m still standing.

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What’s the song say.. ‘A stone on the road..'”, he wrote next to the postcards.

Minutes before, the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda He had reported that the comedian had had a vehicular incident and that one of his wrists and a rib might have been broken.

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The driver added that Nava will be away for a few days from the program Generation X, which leads with Mariazel, Sandra Quiroz, Edna Monroy and Viviana Martínez through the internet.

“The Sheep” He did not elaborate, did not say where he fell or if he would go for a medical evaluation. Her fans sent her support in. Twitter.

Although some users question the version of the conductor There are more followers who support him and want him to be well.

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“There is a blot out, take care of the good in all this, because you are here but abused, if you get better, I send you a hug”, comment from a fan of the comedian.

Some of the users have not only shown their support but have even made some jokes about their former colleague “War of jokes” Radames then claim that he had something to do with the bruise on his eye.

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The Borrego Nava was born on February 2, 1969 in Mexico City he has participated in several television programs and has been the host of five programs as well as the producer of two television programs.

As for the performance has participated in 17 productions, his public loves him very much and although he has had a long history he is more recognized for his participation in “War of jokes”.

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