Joshiko Saibou fired after visiting Corona demo


AOn Saturday Joshiko Saibou demonstrated with thousands against measures to protect against corona infection in Berlin, on Tuesday he was no longer a basketball professional at Telekom Baskets Bonn. “The clubs of the BBL are currently working meticulously on hygiene concepts for the spectators next season and on special occupational safety guidelines for the active”, said Wolfgang Wiedlich, Managing Director of Baskets, on the website of his club. “Therefore, we can not be responsible for a permanent risk of infection, as the player Saibou represents, to his work colleagues in our team or to other BBL teams in competition.” Saibou intentionally violated the protection rules.

The 30-year-old international can be seen in photos of this so-called “Freedom Day” together with his partner Alexandra Wester, a long jumper of the top German class. A picture bears the inscription: “Think for yourself. Aloud. “Another:” Don’t see any extreme right here, where are they ?! Definitely not here. ”Wester and Saibou are shown without mouth-nose protection. A hashtag is: “Corona dictatorship”. Participants in the demonstration violated hygiene regulations across the board. On Monday, Wester and Saibou called “THE aluminum hat pair of German sport”.

“Aluminum hat pair of German sports”

Both have been mixing political statements and hints of conspiracy theories for months with images of sports and private life that they spread on Instagram. He has 7,000 subscribers, she 63,000. Saibou had been warned by his employer in April when, under the hashtag “Appelland’s Mind”, he warned against following authorities and not contradicting them. He called mouth-nose protection in the video “Leaf in front of the mouth”. 26-year-old Alexandra Wester made a passionate appeal between nearly five hundred posts, most of which she showed in sports and swimwear, saying in English: “Last year, it would never have been okay, lawyers and doctors, ours Defend human rights in prisons and psychiatric hospitals. “

She speaks of abused women and children, cancer patients who are denied help, “brothers and sisters who are being shot at this moment because they are leaving their home”. In addition to calling for people to take part in so-called hygiene demos, she also spreads the hashtag Q, which stands for the QAnon conspiracy theory. In addition to other atrocities, an elite of actors and politicians holds children captive in order to sexually abuse them and to obtain stimulants from their blood.

In the opinion of Telekom Baskets, by taking part in the demonstration without protection, Saibou has exceeded the limit of expression of opinion and behavior that is harmful to the association. The lawyer and sports lawyer Roland Nasse recommended the club in Bonn’s “General-Anzeiger” to dismiss for breach of duty of loyalty. Should the player become infected, he would be absent, threaten the team and possibly the entire league.


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