Joseph Brown of Coronation Street found in the last episode

Way of the Coronation spoilers follow.

Way of the Coronation concluded his breakthrough on Joseph Brown’s disappearance during Friday’s (January 14) episode.

After seemingly vanishing into thin air earlier this month, the disappearance of Chesney and Katy Armstrong’s son sparked a wave of shock on the cobblestones, with Dev Alahan even offering to organize a fundraiser in the latest episode of an hour.

Lying in the attic, Hope Stape looked quite happy as she told Joseph how worried everyone was about him, leaving the young man quite guilty.


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Meanwhile, Chesney and partner Gemma Winter have launched a public appeal for the young woman’s safe return, which Hope has been watching from her bedroom window.

Joseph then wandered the streets carrying his bag and a rolled-up tent, before Hope tearfully pretended that Evelyn Plummer’s beloved dog, Cerberus, had run away from home.

Upon finding it, Fiz showed the appraiser the property, uncovering empty potato chips packets and a pillow in the attic in the process.

hope and way of the coronation of Joseph


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Back at Chesney and Gemma’s house, the dejected father feared he would never see his baby again, while Evelyn realized that Hope had disappeared during the panic.

He phoned Tyrone Dobbs, only to be told that Hope wasn’t with him. Fiz was beside himself when Hope met Joseph in a patch of wasteland, telling him not to weed or she would blame him for this harmful experience.

Elsewhere, Bernie Winter’s partner Clint Stubbins spotted the two children and with that juicy £ 30,000 prize up for grabs, gave them both £ 100 and sent Hope home.

He then accompanied Joseph to his distressed family, informing them that he had found him by the canal: he was immediately promised the money.

Way of the Coronation airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7.30pm on ITV.

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