Jorge Fernández gains muscle at the age of 48 to talk about physical inactivity

  • Jorge Fernandez wants to draw attention to the importance of physical exercise for a healthy life.
  • The television presenter shares on his Instagram account the information of a scientific report that warns that the physical inactivity is “one of the world’s leading health problems”.
  • Jorge Fernández gets ‘naked’ to show the benefits of strength training after 40 years

    Jorge Fernandez He continues to give advice and information to take care of himself and be as fit as he was at 48 years old. On this occasion he wanted to draw attention to the iphysical nactivity, which he has referred to as “one of the world’s leading health problems”. For the Basque actor and presenter, it is a point that currently needs to be paid attention and to encourage his followers he has published a fphoto of you shirtless sporting muscle on a surf session day.

    On this occasion, Jorge Fernández wanted to share a report published in the academic journal National Library of Medicine. As he has shared on Instagram, the evidence shows that “exercise lowers the risk of more than 35 different disorders and that exercise should be prescribed as a medicine for many chronic diseases. “

    Jorge Fernández has shared the clinical explanation that supports this scientific theory. “An anti-inflammatory environment is produced with each exercise session, and the long-term anti-inflammatory effects are mediated by an effect on abdominal adiposity, “he wrote on his Instagram account in reference to the benefits of physical activity.

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    However, the presenter of ‘The wheel of luck’ has also wanted to focus on the attention that the population should pay to physical inactivity because it is a health issue. It is not enough to have the information, but it must be known and put into practice. “There is a need to close the circle between this knowledge and in turn put it into practice. And that this message is anchored in society,” he wrote. “To get more people moving, a true translational perspective of exercise as medicine is needed“, he insisted.

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