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Good evening everyone.

A joint concert with Kaori Mizumori has begun! !! !!

Today on the first day, ROHM Theater Kyoto ♪

In the unstable weather, many customers visited the venue day and night, and we had a very happy time.

I was happy to meet Kaori’s fans, customers who love enka and kayokyoku, and fans who support Yukino Ichikawa on a daily basis, and deliver the live songs. wasStar

On the stage, the production that can be done only with Kaori-san, such things, such things ♪

Customers’ laughter … I was happyExclamation Mark

Thank you Yukko-chan ♪

And from the performance tonight, “Kaori-chan” debuted! If you call Kaori-san, you’ll get 10 yen each time, Kaori-san!

Ah! Kaori-chan! (smile).

It is also a reliable older sister.

We will continue to visit various places at joint concerts, so if you have time to visit near you, please do not hesitate to contact us!Please comePink heartWe’ll be expecting you!

Then finally Getz! (Laughs)

From ~ ♪

From ~ ♪

The manager who shoots the situation.

Thank you Yukko-chanExclamation Marksmilingly

Close your eyes a little while soaking in the afterglow of the day today.

Thank you everyone.

I am very grateful to you….

Calm tomorrow …

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