Johnson makes spin and keeps Huawei out of UK 5G networks


British Prime Minister Johnson is expected to keep the Chinese tech giant Huawei from helping to build 5G networks in the United Kingdom. According to The Telegraph, which speaks of a huge turn, the British cabinet will announce that decision next week.

The newspaper has learned that intelligence agency GCHQ has adapted an opinion to the government about the risks involved in cooperation with Huawei. At the beginning of this year, it was decided to allow the Chinese company to contribute to a limited extent, except for the sensitive core parts of the networks.

Now the advice is to completely ban Huawei. That’s because of new sanctions that the United States imposed on the company in May. As a result, the company is forced to use “unreliable” technology, the intelligence agency writes in the report, according to The Telegraph. The British cabinet would like to replace the parts built by Huawei before the end of the year.

Tricky phone call with Washington

The original decision by the British brought her to much criticism from the Americans. According to The Financial Times, President Trump was outraged in a telephone conversation with Johnson. According to the US, Huawei cannot be trusted due to its ties to the Chinese government. The manufacturer could carry out espionage or sabotage activities. Huawei has always contradicted the allegations.

It is not clear whether the British change of course will influence the decision of the Dutch cabinet. The government decided in December 2019 to ban parties such as Huawei from critical parts of a network, but it is not clear which parts are classified as ‘critical’.

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