Johnny Depp’s life is collapsing: The court rejected his appeal

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is trying hard to clear his name. After being accused of domestic violence in the past by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, the British tabloid The Sun published an article calling the actor a “marital rapist.” Of course, Depp didn’t like that, so he filed a lawsuit against the diary. However, the actor lost the lawsuit…

The lawsuit between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard has been going on for several years, and it seems that their war will never end. It all started when Amber brought charges against Depp, in which she testified that she was a victim of domestic violence. Since then, the couple has filed one lawsuit after another, and in fact almost none of the onlookers can slowly tell where the truth is and where the lie is.

Depp tried to save his reputation

After news of Depp’s allegedly violent behavior began to spread through the media, the British tabloid The Sun published an article in which he described the famous actor as a “married rapist”. Of course, Depp did not like this, as the press claim was not based on any verified information. It was based only on Amber Heard’s claim.

That’s why the actor filed a lawsuit against the publishing house, but did not go to court. He decided in favor of the daily The Sun. However, Depp appealed against the verdict. However, according to the iDNES website, the London Court of Appeal also rejected this request. According to him, there is no reason to deal with the appeal, because according to him, the actor does not have a chance to overturn a judgment already handed down.

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The trial was said to be fair

Rejecting the appeal is certainly a blow to Depp. According to him, the lawsuit would not have been lost if his ex-wife had not provided false information. However, the Appellate Judges are of the opinion that last year’s trial was fair and that there was no “error of approach or legal error”.

According to the judge, the allegations against Depp were allegedly true. It turned out that most of Depp’s violent attacks on his then wife did take place. The London court has therefore dismissed his lawsuit against The Sun and there is currently no reason to consider it again.

Problems with the ex-wife also have a strong impact on Depp’s career. For example, due to ongoing trials, the actor lost the role of the magician Grindelwald in another part of the popular Fantastic Animals series. However, his fans are furious…

Remember Johnny Depp in the trailer for the second part of Fantastic Animals!

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