Joey Yung’s “Disguise” becomes Maggie Cheung to support Liming’s singing: The pure nose brother sings things (17:27)-20210719-SHOWBIZ

Liming’s nine consecutive performances at the Red Hall have been completed, and many people in the circle have joined in the past few days. However, Joey Yung was unable to come to the Red Hall to support him because of his work. Although he could not perform in person, Zuer is also quite the same. With heart, she posted “Sweet Honey” starring Liming and Maggie Cheung on Instagram. The two people were talking in a fast food restaurant. Zuer used the App “Yi Rong” to become Maggie Cheung, and wrote: “Idol: Food and Drink Let’s go? I wish the last show a success. # Temperament or a bit similar# Pure nose brothers are out of trouble!”

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