Joe Biden’s wife is caught up in the common style of Melania’s Tramp

Journalists have pointed out that for several years now, 69-year-old Jill Biden has participated in public events in costumes, model fashions and even clothing colors, which almost exactly replicates Melania’s Tramp wardrobe.

In August 2020, the next First Lady attended the Democratic Congress, dressed in a lilac dress that was very similar to Mrs Trump’s dress, which she had dressed two years ago when she met the Queen of Jordan.

The published material also states that Jill Biden occasionally wears clothes with prints that are very similar to the designer clothes that Melania has seen in society. Jill’s wardrobe features dresses with floral and leopard print prints, as well as coats and suits made from the same fabric as Melania’s Tramp clothes.

In addition, in 2019, paparazzi photographed Melania at the White House with her husband when she was dressed in a long white dress with a black dot pattern. Shortly afterwards, in the same year, Jill Biden had chosen an identical outfit for his trip to Southern California.

In the past, journalists had found two main differences between first ladies. Namely, Ms. Joe Biden mostly chooses restrained clothes because she works as an English teacher in college and follows the “dresco code” set by the educational institution. In addition, Ms Baiden was not thought to be fascinated by luxury brand clothes, which are especially popular with Melania Trump.

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