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[Epoch Times, June 12, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Xiuyuan reported in Keelung, Taiwan) The results of the 2021 Junior High School Education Examination will be fired on November 11 and the paper transcripts will be sent. There are four high-quality municipal high schools in Keelung. Freshmen can enroll through multiple education management systems. In response to the epidemic, all enrollment tasks for junior high schools have cancelled physical registration and replaced them with 2+1 online registration, fax registration and telephone registration. Candidates are requested to pay attention and cooperate.

Local enrollment can receive a scholarship of up to 300,000 yuan. (Provided by Keelung City Government)

Keelung City Government provides diverse and characteristic classes for students studying in municipal high schools. For the first time in the 2021 academic year, a “bilingual experimental class” will be set up in Anle and Nuannuan High Schools. Foreign teachers and bilingual teachers will teach bilingual experimental courses and field courses in a lively teaching method. , To enhance students’ international mobility; and Badou High School, based on geographic characteristics, set up “aboriginal ethnic experimental classes”, planned special elective courses for language and culture, business courses and traditional skills, and focused on special research on urban aboriginal issues. In addition, in Anle, Nuannuan and Zhongshan High Schools, there are also experimental classes in Chinese and Mathematics. The experimental courses are used to establish language learning maps to cultivate students’ logical reasoning ability and scientific research attitude.

In order to encourage Keelung students to enroll nearby, the city government has established the “Keelung City Government Award for Outstanding Junior High School Graduates to Go to Municipal High School Scholarship Implementation Plan” to reward outstanding junior high school graduates established in Keelung City to select municipal high schools. There are two types of scholarships, “Entrance Scholarship” and “Reward for Outstanding Performance in Schools”. The entrance scholarship is awarded to students who choose to receive their outstanding performance in the National High School Education Examination or Physical Education, and can receive up to 300,000 yuan! As long as the student’s semester scores are among the top three in the class, the tuition and fees for the next semester and the internship experiment fee are all free. This will encourage students who earnestly study and reduce the financial burden on parents.

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In addition, the city government is looking forward to increasing the participation of municipal high school students through cooperation plans and resource introduction. It has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Taipei City Government to jointly promote the Taipei Cool Lesson Cloud Project, allowing Keelung City students to simultaneously take courses in Taipei City and Taipei City. Other high-quality online courses developed by participating counties and cities. Starting from 2021, we will also cooperate with top universities such as National Taiwan University and Beijing University of Science and Technology through inter-school strategic alliances, and use the “micro-course” model to participate in the courses tailored to the city’s high schools by the professors on the field, hoping to improve Student competitiveness.

Lin Zhuli, Director of the Education Department, said that in addition to the complete environmental resources of Keelung City High School, the most important thing is that our teachers are full of enthusiasm and professionalism and take care of every student. All students, learn together on the land of their hometown, and accumulate richer and more diverse learning energy!

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