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[The Epoch Times, March 18, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Chen Xiuyuan, Keelung, Taiwan) The Keelung Family Support Center has long been committed to education for poverty alleviation, and hopes that the children and children it supports can change their lives through education; Ruifang served on the morning of the 18th The scholarship ceremony was held at 10 o’clock. The children and children had the opportunity to grow up healthy because of the care and care of the public during their schooling. I also thanked Wu’s father and Wu’s mother, who are behind the Jin Yumei Scholarship and scholarship, for their continuous support under the severe epidemic situation. Give encouragement to the family to help the children, so as to encourage the family to help the children to study hard and change their lives.

Director Chen Meijun of the Keelung Family Support Center said that she hoped that the 30 students at the scene would believe in themselves, value themselves, and achieve themselves, and that they would also be able to give back to the society in the future. At the same time, I would like to thank Xianyi Enterprise for providing 15 elementary school students and 15 middle school students each. NT$75,000, the cumulative benefit of student aid over the past 12 years has already exceeded one million.

Jin Yumei Scholarship has been providing scholarships and scholarships continuously since September 2011, helping a total of 690 children from remote villages such as Ruifang, Pingxi, Shuangxi, and Gongliao. It was started by Wu Fanrong, a traditional hardware industry leader. In order to commemorate his grandmother’s poor life in a remote village when she was young, but still attaches great importance to education and teaching, the chairman specially used her grandmother Ms. Wu Yan’s name – “Jin Yumei” to set up the “Jin Yumei Award and Scholarship”. Dong Niang and Wu’s mother grew up in Ruifang and felt that the resources in the remote village were relatively insufficient. Therefore, Drinking Water and Thinking of the Source has long cared for and supported the students in the remote village, exhorting them to cherish their blessings and be grateful.

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The Family Support Center mainly assists children who are in financial difficulties and have children in school. Xiaoqi is a single-parent family, and her mother supports three schoolchildren. Unfortunately, Xiaoqi’s mother suffers from cancer, and she continues to work to make ends meet as long as her body allows. Qi understands her mother’s hard work, so she works hard in her studies, gets good grades, and applies for a scholarship to relieve her mother’s pressure. Xiaoqi is very grateful for the opportunity to apply for the Jin Yumei Scholarship. The pressure gave her a sense of accomplishment, and her mother was very pleased with Xiaoqi’s performance.

Director Chen Meijun said that since the relocation of the Ruifang Service Office and the setting up of activity spaces, more children have been able to receive services and handle scholarships and grants. Thanks to Wu’s father and Wu’s mother for their uninterrupted attention to rural education, children can be free from economic difficulties. Affecting learning, even in the process of learning, can help share the financial pressure of the family, and make children live a more valuable and confident life.

Responsible editor: Chen Wenqi

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