Jeweler from Celle is said to have shot alleged robbers


NAfter the fatal shots in a jewelry and antique shop in Celle, the public prosecutor’s office is investigating the shop owner on suspicion of manslaughter. According to the findings so far, it is clear that the 71-year-old shot at the two alleged robbers and fatally injured them, said the prosecutor’s spokeswoman Stefanie Vogler on Tuesday. Accordingly, the 71-year-old is the holder of a valid gun ownership card and was allowed to use the firearm. The investigators check whether the man was in a self-defense situation. “At first glance it looks like self-defense, that must now be checked in detail,” says Vogler. The exact course of events is unclear as there is no surveillance camera in the store.

It is known that the two alleged robbers entered the shop in the pedestrian zone on Monday afternoon. According to the prosecutor, one of the two had a gun with him and one was in a wheelchair. At the time, only the owner couple, aged 71 and 72, were in the business premises. Several shots were fired, one of the two alleged perpetrators died in the shop, the second in the hospital.

The identity of the alleged robbers was initially unclear and they did not have any identification papers with them. It was also not clear whether one of the men needed a wheelchair for health reasons or whether the perpetrators hoped it would benefit the attack. The investigators hope for evidence from witnesses.

The police secured further evidence at the crime scene in the old town of Celle on Tuesday. Police officers took fingerprints from the front door, which was sealed with a police seal. They took photos and made measurements to help reconstruct the crime. It was initially unclear whether the owner couple was able to interrogate and ready to make statements.


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