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Jessie J takes photos on social platforms

Sina Entertainment News Recently, 33-year-old singer Jessie J posted a heartbreaking post on social media, revealing that she was planning to raise a child by herself, but was recently taken during the third birth check. The doctor informed that the fetus in the abdomen had stopped its heartbeat.

Sister Stone released a total of two photos. The first one was when she detected that she was pregnant and the second one was a quote from the Australian poet Şeyda Noir: “Sometimes love is not enough to make things happen. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean you failed.” (Sometimes love won’t be enough to make it work, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed.)

“Until yesterday afternoon, I was still worried about whether I could complete the concert smoothly… In the morning, I was still joking with my friends and said: “Seriously, how can I finish tomorrow night without telling the audience that I am pregnant? How about the concert in Los Angeles?”

“But this morning, I can no longer control my emotions. Later I may regret posting this post, or I may not, I am not sure. I only know that I want to sing tonight, not because I am escaping from sadness. It’s because I know that singing will help me ease my emotions.”

“I have held two performances in two years. I deeply love my singing career. Now, some people may think that I should cancel the concert. But the grief made me realize more clearly that I have been singing since I was young Singing can bring me happiness, enrich my soul, and make me love myself more. This has never changed, so this time I also have to deal with it in my own way.”

“I want to be honest and honest with my emotions, no longer hide and suppress, at this moment, I want to be myself. Not only for the audience, but also for myself and my lost baby. I may be in the next Talking about this at the concert, because this is the real me. So, instead of giving a tearful speech on stage emotionally out of control, posting a post in advance can make me feel more secure.”

Jie Shi also explained that she decided to raise a child by herself, because this is “what I always wanted, life is too short.”

“Pregnancy itself is a miracle. I will never forget this experience. I know I will try it again. Now I have not recovered from the shock. Sadness floods like a tide. But I know I am strong enough. It will be okay. I also know that millions of women all over the world have experienced this kind of pain, even worse than this. I am with you, and you are not alone.”

“See you in Los Angeles tonight. I may not make a lot of jokes as usual, but my heart has always been closely connected with you.” (Wen/Leduo)


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