Jérôme Tafani, CEO of Burger King, is ready to welcome customers “safely”

Jérôme Tafani, General Manager of Burger King (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Restaurants are reopening, with new rules. From this Wednesday, June 9, they must respect, inside, a gauge of 50%. Are they ready for it? Yes, according to Jérôme Tafani, the general manager of Burger King, who believes that it is “ fairly easy to control “: Customers, according to him, can be received” safely ».

The boss of the sign, which has 390 establishments, did the accounts. Last year, ” hindsight [de l’activité] is at least 25% “. If the franchisees have been well supported, says Jérôme Tafani, the groups have suffered more: ” We, as Burger King, received zero (…) We were entitled to 200,000 euros for the whole group. For the 1000 restaurants of the Bertrand group, the parent company of Burger King, it was 200,000 euros to be distributed “. The brand is nevertheless ready to move forward. It plans to create 3,000 jobs for its new restaurants.

Burger King is increasingly focusing on vegetarian burgers. These new products are notably composed of wheat and soya. Do they contain GMOs? No, answers Jérôme Tafani: “ Soy is traced, it doesn’t come from Latin America (…) All the ingredients are perfectly ‘clean’, and there are no artificial additions ».

These plant products are successful: “ We are way above what we expected. Every time we sell a whopper, we sell half a vegetarian! », Explains the general manager of Burger King:« We have a lot of meat lovers who want from time to time to have an alternative and not to eat only meat ».

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