Jennifer Aniston celebrates Pride Month with her adorable dog!

This month is Pride month. A unique moment that Jennifer Aniston wants to share alongside her adorable dog named Lord …

Today therefore has nothing of a day like any other. Indeed, this month is carried by the LGBT cause. A cause that is dear to Jennifer Aniston, star of Friends, who is very woke on social networks. So the young woman celebrates this month alongside his dog, Lord. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A month of pride alongside your dog

Jennifer Aniston is a strong ally in the LGBT cause in short. So the beautiful actress reiterates its commitment for this cause which is dear to him.

Brad Pitt’s ex posed on social networks alongside his faithful friend, if not his best friend. A beautiful message in short.

We see him there in company of his adorable doggie, the so-called Lord. This, on the occasion of Pride month.

Pride month is an important time for people from the LGBT community. Namely, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, asexual or pansexual people.

To give them more visibility, the star of the 90s therefore decided to wish one “Joyous pride” to his entire community. A beautiful message, isn’t it?

Message posted on his Instagram page on June 28 last, and which leaves no one indifferent. Caption accompanied by a nice photo.

We therefore discover the sublime 52-year-old woman alongside her dog. Photo on which her adorable wild puppy plays in the garden with a colorful ball.

As a reminder, these colors are those of the LGBT flag. This is therefore a vibrant message sent to the community it supports. with force and banners.

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This is not the first time that Jen has shown her commitment to this cause which is dear to her. It is therefore not his first attempt.

Jennifer Aniston celebrates Pride Month with her adorable dog!

Jennifer Aniston: a real support for the LGBT cause

The LGBT cause is a long-standing commitment for the Friends star. It is clear that she is doing everything for this community.

In 2007, Jennifer Aniston had already supported the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

There are also rumors that she would be more than friend with Ellen DeGeneres and that these two would have had an affair …

Which would explain for some the fact that she does his warhorse. Of course, these rumors remain unfounded.

Unfounded or almost unfounded, given the fact that the presenter had kissed her during his show and that their friendship seems unshakable.

However, it is quite plausible that she is an ally, while being purely heterosexual. Just like she could be bisexual.

What is certain is that the pretty blonde had told People in 2019 she was ” opened “ to love since her divorce. “I liked a lot of people”, did she say.

” I am too sensitive to people who have a really hard heart ” she said quoted by Paris Match. Love in its purest form.

Jennifer Aniston therefore advocates love, whatever either sexual orientation of one and the other. Mass is therefore said!