Jenifer and her brother Jonathan as dog and cat: “We often argued”

In Weekend with Jenifer, broadcast on TMC Thursday, November 10, Jenifer was asked about her private life. Faced with her little brother Jonathan, the singer shared small secrets about the tumultuous relationship they had in their youth…

A rocky relationship. In the show Weekend with Jenifer, broadcast Thursday, November 10 on TMC, Jenifer Bartoli was asked about her career, her passion for music but also on a very personal subject: her little brother Jonathan. A person dear to the eyes of the singer but with whom it has still not been very easy…

For good reason, when Jenifer and Jonathan were younger, the quarrels were numerous. “We often argued“, quickly conceded the artist. Only, these famous disputes probably did not last very long. “As we got confused too often and we were too proud to go to each other, we slipped words under the door“, then explained Jonathan, amused. “Do you want to be my brother again“, could we discover in these famous papers. Nice memories that prove how much the two friends were ready to do anything to reconcile.

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Jenifer: did she have a “bad character“ ?

Also during the program, Jenifer shared extensive details about the “bad character“that she could have had when she was younger.”I was a little cowhide with my brother especially“, she said. A confidence corroborated by Jonathan who also remembered afterwards that at “home was a fight“. However, if Jenifer could sometimes be harsh with her little brother at home, outside, the relationship was no longer the same. The singer took care to defend Jonathan at all costs. “I was protecting him, he was my little brother“, she then clarified.

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Photo credits: Screenshot / TMC

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