Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth, will leave the planet for a few minutes on Tuesday | Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, will join the club astronauts Tuesday at the company’s first crewed launch Blue Origin, another key moment in a great month for the fledgling food industry spacial tourism.

The mission comes days after the founder of Virgin Galactic, the tycoon Richard Branson, will cross the final frontier of the planet, narrowly surpassing the tycoon of Amazon in the space duel between the two billionaires.

However, the sights of Blue Origin They aim higher – literally in terms of how high your reusable craft will ascend New Shepard, compared to the space plane of Virgin, but also in his future ambitions.

Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000, with the goal of one day building artificial gravity floating space colonies where millions of people will live and work.

His journey to more than 100 km above the ground will take place just two weeks after leaving the position of CEO of Amazon, a group of which it holds about 10% of the shares.

In his spatial feat, Bezos will be accompanied by his brother Mark, a financier who runs the family foundation Bezos and works as a volunteer firefighter, but the highlight will be the ex-pilot Wally Funk, who at the age of 82 will become, with this journey, the astronaut oldest in history.

The other lucky person for this spacewalk will be Oliver Daemenen, who will become the youngest space traveler in history, at 18 years old. The young Dutchman is the firm’s first paid client.

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Notably absent is the mysterious winner of a $ 28 million auction for a seat, who had “scheduling conflicts” and will participate in a future flight, and has asked to remain anonymous, the company said.

New Shepard It will take off at 06:00 am PE (1300 GMT) on July 20 from a remote facility in the West Texas desert called Launch Site One, about 25 miles north of Van Horn, the nearest city.

After take off, New Shepard It will accelerate into space at speeds in excess of Mach 3, using a carbon-free liquid hydrogen / liquid oxygen engine.

The event will be broadcast live on from an hour and a half before.


On the other hand, Blue Origin He also claims that his rocket is more environmentally friendly than that of his rival in Virgin Galactic.

Today, the company develops a heavy-lift orbital rocket called New Glenn and also a lunar lander that hopes to be able to negotiate with the NASA in the framework of the program Artemis.

“They have had 15 successful unmanned flights in New Shepherd and we have been waiting years to see when they will begin to bring people “, declared Laura Forczyk, founder of the space consultancy Astralytical, who called the trip “an exciting time” for space enthusiasts.

The ambitions of the modern company Bezos they don’t stop at the spacial tourismas it now hopes to become a major subcontractor for the missions of the NASA.

All this arises from a company like Amazon that in 27 years went from being a start-up set up in a garage to a growing corporation valued at 1.8 trillion dollars in the stock market.

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Currently, the firm SpaceX, of the billionaire Elon Musk is the primary private sector partner for the US space agency, which includes transporting several astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) since 2020.

With information from AFP

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