Jeepers, the dog arrives in the rubble of a building: it gives emotional support!

The Jeepers dog, who arrived as emotional support in the rubble of a collapsed building in Miami: he plays a delicate and very important role. Especially if combined with children of a few years who at this moment do not understand the extent of what happened.

Jeepers just arrived at the crash site (Twitter screenshot Samantha J. Gross)

Some of our four-legged friends are involved in extremely delicate situations, or even extremely dangerous ones. Many of them are seen diving into the water, to save a newborn. Chasing after a thief who is robbing a poor lady. And other situations as well. Then, however, there are also those who intervene at another time. The famous “second half”, when everything happened and you have to bring emotional support to the people most in need. How is the cane Jeepers in this moment. A Dachshund that stands in the place where the rubble of the collapsed building in Miami they took over everything that circulated around them. An excruciating pain, especially as you keep digging to find someone still alive. He plays a very delicate role.

Beyond emotional support: Jeepers seeks to bring a smile to those who still hope

Dog Jeepers Emotional Support Collapsed Building Miami
Police officer shows Jeepers being pampered (Twitter screenshot Samantha J. Gross)

If it is said that “in life the last to die is hope”, on other occasions this saying is not true at all. The last to die is action. Once that is also lacking, of hope, alone, we do little, if at all. So getting busy seems like the only possible solution.

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So is the four-legged doing Jeepers. A dog of the Dachshund breed that, for some days now, has been in the place of Miami, in America, where a whole collapsed palazzo. Some people already cry in pain over the death of a loved one, others still hope.

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His task? That of passing by and giving everyone, through his pampering and his eyes, a smile, and try to keep the mood high, even if this lasts a few moments. A really difficult task to complete, because around him there are also children of a few years, who still do not understand the gravity of the situation.

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Jeepers, which we remember having only 5 years, has long been included in a program of Pet Therapy of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Office of Community Affairs. His speech was documented by the journalist Samantha J. Gross, directly from his Twitter profile. The action of Jeepers is of paramount importance, especially as the hours go by!

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