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The sculptor, painter and designer from Friborg Jean Tinguely, who died on August 30, 1991 at the age of 66, remains very contemporary. This artistic precursor in the field of performance had also innovated by putting the visitor at the center of his creations.

Crazy, provocative machines, full of clicking and strange sounds, which sometimes spit water, like the Stravinsky fountain made in 1983 near the Center Pompidou in Paris with his partner Niki de Saint-Phalle …

It is all the genius of Jean Tinguely, the artist of action, even of imbalance, who liked to say that he was an artist of movement. “I have always been close to death, because in movement there is always a breakdown, a glitch, a stoppage. I work with the ephemeral, I organize the ephemeral, because working with movement it is nothing other than to organize the ephemeral, one becomes again the life “.

At the “Jean Tinguely – Niki de Saint-Phalle” space in Friborg, a tribute is paid to his creations, to his learned mechanics, which made him a precursor in the world of art. “He really asked the question of the meaning of art. He also created machines that self-destruct … so we didn’t understand. It was incredible performances for the time, he was a pioneer in the field. performance “, explains Caroline Schuster Cordone, director of the institution.

>> To see, an archive of the RTS of 1987 dedicated to Jean Tinguely:

Quite an art … / Present time / 2 min. / November 12, 1987

The famous “Eureka” machine

In 1964, he created for the national exhibition, his famous machine “Eureka”. Surprising, designed, like all the others, with recycled materials, wire, cans, it is also a form of criticism of consumer society.

From there, he will not cease to shake people’s minds with his great machines “which are of no use”. It disturbs, provokes, pushes each and everyone to find their child’s soul. Caroline Schuster Cordone believes that “he put the visitor at the center of his creation. He liked to involve visitors in an interactive way. There are machines of Tinguely that one can penetrate like his cyclops or like his great machines which are in Basel “.

And the specialist continues: “There is also her love for all audiences. Children were her first audience, but you could also be a more informed audience, know your political or social commitments and then take a different interest in your works. “.

Jean Tinguely was a passionate anarchist, who continues to inspire thirty years after his death.

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