Jean Castex wants to settle the pension file “in the short term”


New Prime Minister Jean Castex says he wishes to conclude the Ségur de la santé ” next week “ and settle ” short term “ the pensions file, in an interview published on Sunday July 5 in the Sunday newspaper (JDD), where he warns not to believe “Soft consensus”.

“Key decisions are on the table. Employment, of course, which in the current context requires the mobilization of all within the framework of the new social order launched by the President of the Republic. Support for caregivers and the transformation of our health system as part of the Ségur which I will conclude next week ”, did he declare.

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In the absence of an agreement with the unions before an imminent reshuffle, the government of his predecessor Edouard Philippe decided on Thursday to extend the Health Ségur by a few days, while an envelope of seven billion euros is on the table for caregiver salaries.

“New social agenda”

“The recovery plan must be finalized. Add to that the reforms that were in the pipes on pensions and unemployment insurance. And that of dependence which must come next and corresponds to a necessity. All of these subjects have been directly impacted by the crisis, which requires taking them up in a concerted framework and with overall consistency ”, he added.

Asked about union concerns about pensions, he said “To say that we are going to reexamine a subject is not to deny ourselves. It is to show our capacity to adapt to new circumstances, which are painful ”.

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“For example, the crisis has greatly worsened the deficit in our pension plans. I wish to resume dialogue with the social partners, it is essential. Will we be able to resolve these short-term issues ? It is my wish “, he said.

“At a minimum, we will have to set a new social agenda”, he continued, saying he hoped for a “Compromise, which is not a compromise” to save social protection schemes.

“I don’t believe in soft consensus”

He defined his method as “A mixture of voluntarism and experience, with the concern of bringing together”. “But beware, I don’t believe in soft consensus. Time for action », at-the having you.

He said put “Double bites” with Emmanuel Macron to announce his government as soon as possible. Responding to rumors of a tight-knit team around major major poles, he said “Not being sure that too large perimeters are necessarily the guarantee of greater efficiency”.

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After the strong green breakthrough in municipal elections, he reiterated that ecology was not “Not an option”. ” It is an obligation “, he added. He hears “Accelerate” decisions by listing “With local actors everything that can be done immediately” such as the fight against leaks in water networks, against the artificialisation of land, for thermal insulation, photovoltaic roofs, or animal welfare.

The former deputy secretary general of the Elysée under Nicolas Sarkozy who has just returned his card at Les Républicains, said “Little attached to party affairs” but felt “Natural” to register ” without ambiguity “ in the presidential majority because “He who accepts to become prime minister is, by vocation, the leader of the majority: it is his duty to animate and associate him”.

Faced with his detractors who see him as a simple executor of the presidential will, he stressed that he did not enter “Not in the intentions of the head of state to make [lui] a subordinate dedicated to secondary tasks “. And to continue: “When you get to know me, you will see that my personality is not soluble in the term of collaborater ».

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