Jay Chou’s Shanghai concert uses strong real-name electronic tickets: tickets are refundable and cannot be transferred_ GamerSky.com

Tickets for Jay Chou’s Shanghai concert will go on sale at 18:00 on September 12th, and everyone has to start actively grabbing tickets again. According to official news, Jay Chou’s Shanghai concert will use strong real-name e-tickets to enter the concert. The e-tickets this time are refundable, but cannot be transferred. This time the strong real-name electronic ticket inspection is very strict. We remind everyone to buy tickets through official channels to avoid personal losses.

So what does strong real name mean? Some netizens did some popular science because the concert was at the Shanghai Stadium, and the Shanghai Stadium has this system for ticket checking, which is usually used for ticket checking at Shenhua events. There is no paper ticket. You can enter with your ID card information when grabbing tickets, swipe your ID card when checking in at the stairway, and then enter the grandstand area and then show the electronic ticket information to the grandstand area.

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