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Although the Hong Kong spring auctions have come to an end, the auction world is still very up-and-coming. Sotheby’s invited Jay Chou, “the strongest on the surface”, to auction it, which is full of topics. The cross-border joint “Evening Auction” will be held on June 18th. Lots are now available for preview at K11 ATELIER and K11 MUSEA. The exhibition will be from June 12th to 18th.

This time, as a curator, Jay Chou selected a series of masterpieces and personally designed the preview scenes, turning K11 ATELIER into the streets of New York in the 1970s and 1980s. Without further ado, I will take everyone into Jay Chou’s art world.

Passing through the entrance of the venue like a Broadway theater, you will see the triptych of Jay Chou’s favorite-Baskia.

Lot 15|Jean-Michel Basquiat “Untitled” Acrylic Oil Pastel Wood Board, Three Parts

Creation time: 1985
Size: 217.2 x 275.6 x 30.5cm

  • Zurich, Bruno Bischofberg Gallery
  • personal collection
  • Christie’s, New York, May 4, 1994, lot 46
  • Barcelona, ​​Carmen Riera Collection (acquired from the above auction)
  • London, Christie’s, February 9, 2005, lot 25 (the above commissioned auction)
  • United States, private collection
  • Acquired from the above auction by the present owner

Estimate: HK$255,000,000-350,000,000

Jay Chou said: “I want to take everyone to the streets of New York, shuttle to the era of Basquiat (Jean-Michel Basquiat), you will walk through the “81 Street in the city”, you will meet Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol). ) When you meet, you will knock on the door of Picasso’s studio. This is a “Magic”. “

It was Yuki Terase, the head of the Asian Contemporary Art Department, that contributed to this collaboration between Jay Chou and Sotheby’s. Terase can be described as a Rainmaker in the Asian contemporary art market. She is quite able to grasp the trend of the trend and has repeatedly invited celebrities to cooperate, including the godfather of trend NIGO and the member of Big Bang of South Korea TOP. However, she will leave in July. This special session with Jay Chou will become her farewell work at Sotheby’s.

Temple Sai said: “Jay Chou’s work on this collaboration can be said to be hands-on and meticulous, leaving a lot of fingerprints on the works and layouts in the venue.”

Yuuki Terase

Basquia is an indispensable name in the contemporary art scene. He made a famous street graffiti in New York in his early years. He is very close to Andy Warhol, but because of overdose of cocaine, he died at the age of 27.

His works are full of symbolic imagery, and his creative inspiration comes from things that come into contact with life, such as music, poetry, history, politics, popular culture, and American racial issues. In 1985, Basquia appeared on the cover of the “New York Times” magazine, which meant that he officially ranked among the internationally renowned artists.

On the cover of the magazine together with the artist is the triple screen of “Untitled” for this auction. Basquia was sitting in front of this work for a photo at the time, with high spirits, and this “Untitled” became a symbol of his rising status in the art world.

The paintings show scenes imitating the streets of New York, responding to Basquiat’s fame for creating street art, and starting his legendary career as an artist. The venue also specifically imitated the cover photo of the New York Times that year, exhibiting two chairs that were once placed in the Basquiat studio.

Basquia appeared on the cover of the New York Times magazine in 1985

“Untitled” is a tripartite screen composed of wood panels. The artist puts three elements in this work: the iconic black warrior of Basquia, the brave incarnation of the jaguar in the Aztec legend, and the knight Tangy. The knight figure of Hede. In this way, Basquiat contrasts the primitive and ferocious elements of African and Central American visual culture with traditional European chivalry.

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Iconic black warrior

In the Aztec legend is the brave incarnation of the jaguar

A character resembling the knight Don Quixote

Among Jay Chou’s favorite artists, Basquiat should be either the first or the second. This auction chose the work of this black artist to lead.

He opened his social media Instagram (IG) account in 2017, and his first post was a photo with his mother Ye Huimei in front of Basquiat’s paintings. The works of this famous contemporary artist have often appeared on Jay Chou’s social media since then.

Jay Chou’s first post was a photo with his mother Ye Huimei in front of Basquiat’s paintings

Baskia paintings often appear on Jay Chou’s social media

Sotheby’s has recently brought Western art to Hong Kong for auction, which has driven the “westerly wind” of the Asian art market. In 2020, German master Richter’s “Abstract Painting (649-2)” sold for HK$214 million at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, becoming the most expensive Western art auctioned in Asia.

However, this record was only maintained for 5 months before it was broken. In March 2021, Basquiat’s “Warrior” entered the battle at Christie’s in Hong Kong, with an estimated price of HK$240 million-320 million. As a result, the hammer fell for HK$280 million, and the transaction was sold for HK$323.6 trillion with commission.

The estimated value of “Untitled” is HK$255 million-350 million. Since Sotheby’s added an “operating surcharge” (1% of the hammer price) last year, the buyer’s overall cost is slightly higher than that of Christie’s. Therefore, as long as “Untitled” also drops the hammer for HK$280 million, it can win the ” “The Most Expensive Western Art in Asian Auction”

Baskia’s “Warrior” was sold for HK$320 million at Christie’s in Hong Kong

Lot 12|Pablo Picasso “Man Bust” oil painting on canvas

Creation time: 1969
Size: 116 x 89 cm

  • Paris, Schmit Gallery
  • Tokyo, Maruko Company, Ltd.
  • Tokyo, Invoice RM Group
  • Large version, Ikaan Art International
  • New York, Acquavella Gallery
  • Las Vegas, Stephen Wynn Collection
  • Acquired from the above source by the present owner

Estimate: HK$93,000,000-143,000,000

Then, we came to Picasso’s “studio”.

Although Picasso is a world-famous master, his works are mainly marketed in Western cities such as New York and London, and are rarely seen in Asian auctions. In the past April Hong Kong Spring Auction Week, Sotheby’s brought Picasso’s oil painting Matador to test the market water temperature. As a result, the work was sold for nearly HK$140 million with commission, making it Picasso’s most expensive work in Asia.

Picasso’s “Matador” sold for nearly HK$140 million with commission

Van Gogh “Self-Portrait with Straw Hat” | The Metropolitan Museum Collection

This time, under the planning of Jay Chou, he brought Picasso’s late-life work “Man Bust”. Painted in 1969, this work was inspired by another talented painter-Van Gogh.

The man in the painting wears a yellow straw hat, which clearly refers to the image of Van Gogh in “Self-Portrait Wearing a Straw Hat”, which Picasso expresses his respect for Van Gogh. This work is estimated at HK$93 million-143 million, which is expected to set Picasso’s auction record in Asia again.

Lot 6|Andy Warhol “Campbell Soup One (a set of ten pieces)” screen printed on paper

Creation time: 1968
Size: 88.9 x 58.4cm (each piece)
Source (collated by value dot network):

  • NIGO® Collection
  • Hong Kong, Sotheby’s, NIGO®: One Life Two Lives, October 7, 2014, Lot 28 (HK$3,160,000)
  • Acquired from the above auction by the present owner
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Estimate: HK$4,000,000-6,000,000

Then we came to the supermarket full of Campbell Soup.

In 1964, an exhibition called “American Market” was held in New York. The exhibition was arranged as a typical American small supermarket and exhibited Andy Warhol’s famous “Campbell Soup”. This exhibition is a major event for the public to come into contact with Pop Art, and it has sparked an upsurge of discussion about what art is.

The preview is arranged as a supermarket

In response to the starting point of Andy Warhol’s “Campbell Soup” series, this time Jay Chou also designed the painting display scene as a supermarket with carts and groceries.

This piece of “Campbell Soup One (a set of ten pieces)” was originally from the old collection of the godfather of the trend NIGO, and was sold for HK$3.16 million in a 2014 Sotheby’s cooperation with NIGO.

Lot 11|Ida’s “The King of Rock” oil painting on canvas

Creation time: 2021
Size: 194 x 162cm
Source: Jingtian Studio
Estimate: HK$500,000-800,000

Jay Chou tried to recreate the streets of New York in the preview. There are local iconic subway entrances, basketball hoops, and record shops, exhibiting works by Ida Yukatsu, KAWS and Banksy.

This piece of “The King of Rock and Roll” by Ida Yukatsu uses “Elvis Presley” as the theme. It was specially commissioned by Jay Chou for this auction. When it was exhibited today, the oil on the canvas was still wet. Thorough, can be described as “freshly baked.”

Yukatsu Ida is definitely a rising star in the art world. This Japanese artist was born in 1990. His works are bright and powerful, and his creations include portraits, still life paintings and movie stills.

In 2017, as the youngest artist, Ida participated in the charity auction of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) established by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2019, he was selected by Forbes as the “30 Japanese under 30″ One of the elite”.

Jay Chou tries to recreate the streets of New York in the preview

Lot 9|Banksy “Laugh Now, One Day We Will Dominate” Acrylic and stencil sprayed canvas

Creation time: 2000
Size: 61 x 61cm
Source (collated by value dot network):

  • Bristol, Eat the Beat Records
  • UK, private collection
  • London, Sotheby’s, October 15, 2007, lot 106 (£168,500)
  • personal collection
  • Bonhams, London, June 29, 2017, lot 20 (£293,000)
  • Acquired from the above auction by the present owner

Estimate: HK$6,200,000-9,300,000

Lot 46|KAWS “Untitled (KIMPSONS) (Package Painting Series)” acrylic on canvas, blister packaging and printing cards

Creation time: 2001
Size: 41 x 41cm (canvas); 59.3 x 48 x 7cm (blister packaging)

  • Vancouver, private collection (acquired from Vancouver Gallery)
  • Acquired from the above source by the present owner

Estimate: HK$2,000,000-3,000,000

Lot 8|Prince (Richard Prince) “The Escaped Nurse” Ink and Acrylic Canvas

Creation time: 2005-2006
Size: 280 x 168cm
Source (collated by value dot network):

  • Private collection (acquired directly from the artist)
  • Christie’s, New York, May 10, 2016, lot 38B (US$9,685,000)
  • Acquired from the above auction by the present owner

Estimate: HK$75,000,000-95,000,000

Richard Prince (Prince) has always been a highly controversial artist. His “New Portraits” work was taken from Instagram and then printed. As the parties did not know and had no authorization, the works were sold at high prices, which caused a lot of disturbances. However, under constant disturbances and copyright lawsuits, Richard Prince has survived.

In addition, Richard Prince’s “Nurse Series” is also his masterpiece, and his influence has spread across the fashion circle, making him famous. In the spring and summer of 2008, LV took the nurse series of Richard Prince as inspiration, let the models wear nurse outfits and black gauze masks to walk on the runway.

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LV’s 2008 spring and summer series, inspired by Richard Prince’s nurse

“Kissing Goodbye Tomorrow” Novel Cover

The works selected by Jay Chou for the auction this time are also from the “Nurse Series”. This work is a tribute to two old novels, the crime novel “Kissing Goodbye Tomorrow” published in 1948, and the romance novel “The Escaped Nurse” in 1964.

The current auction record of Richard Prince was written by this piece “The Escaped Nurse”. In 2016, this work was auctioned at Christie’s in New York, when it was sold for US$96.685 million (HK$75.5 million). This work is now estimated at HK$75 million-95 million. If it is successfully sold, plus commission, it can refresh the artist’s auction record.

Lot 20|Frank Stella “Untitled (Double Concentric Squares)” Acrylic Canvas

Creation time: 1978
Size: 205.5 x 408.5cm

  • U.S. Private Collection
  • Gagosian, New York
  • Acquired from the above source by the present owner

Estimate: HK$32,000,000-48,000,000

This “Untitled (Double Concentric Squares)” has intricate colors and dazzling brilliance, and it comes from the hands of Frank Stella, a representative of minimalism. After the Second World War, abstract expressionism prevailed in the American art scene. Stella went the other way, put away the surging emotions, and used the most rational approach to create art.

Jay Chou himself also likes this minimalist artist very much. In the MV of “If You Don’t Love Me, I’ll Fall Down”, there was a Stella work with green and black as the main tone, and Jay Chou even stated in IG that the painting is his own collection.

Frank Stella’s work appears in the MV of “If you don’t love me”

Jay Chou stated in IG that the painting is his own collection

Lot 21|a’strict “Waterfall-Quicksand” HD video and audio, USB, 2 minutes (loop playback)

Creation time: 2020/2021
Different sizes
Source: Seoul, a’strict
Estimate: HK$480,000-650,000

This digital artwork is also specially designed for the auction of “Jay Chou x Sotheby’s”, using the pink that Jay Chou liked last year. The quicksand in the high-definition video pours down with the roar of water, making the viewer feel like they are in a phantom.

a’strict is not a single artist, but a group of artists established by the digital media design company d’strict. They call themselves “Art and Technology Factory”, aiming to integrate art and technology.

In addition to works of art, this time Jay Chou also brought four sets of costumes from the concert for public auction, and the proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish International. These four outfits are on display at K11 MUSEA.

Lot 10|Jeremy Scott (Design Director of MOSCHINO) Jay Chou “The Strongest on the Surface 1” World Tour Stage Costume (a set of two sets) (2016-2017) composite media

Creation time: 2016
Estimate: HK$850,000-1,400,000

Lot 22|Tomas Chan Jay Chou “The Strongest on the Surface 1” World Tour Stage Costume (2016-2017) Mixed Media

Creation time: 2016
Estimate: HK$700,000-1,200,000

Lot 34|Tomas Chan Jay Chou “The Strongest on the Surface 1” World Tour Stage Costume (2016-2017) Mixed Media

Creation time: 2016
Estimate: HK$700,000-1,200,000

Auction details

Auction house: Sotheby’s Hong Kong

Part 1: Evening Auction
Preview date: 2021/6/12-18
Preview location: K11 ATELIER and K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong
Auction Date: 2021/6/18
Auction location: Sotheby’s Art Space (Fifth Floor, One Pacific Place, Admiralty)

Part 2: Day Auction (Online Special)
Auction Date: 2021/6/10-22

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