Javier Mendez supports the TUF year coached by Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson

In a the latest interview, Javier Mendez talked about the chance of Javier Nurmagomedov returning to the UFC. This time, he will participate in the reverse coaching position to Tony Ferguson in the subsequent time of Ultimate Fighter.

Following the two fighters agreed to face just about every other verbally as TUF coaches, Dana White was questioned if she was intrigued in producing it come about. UFC president expressed enthusiasm for the exact same, and speculation started to arise.

Although talking to Shumo and Helen Yi, aka Javier Mendez, a legendary pair of Habib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, as coaches, ultimately tests them selves towards each other. I talked about why I want to see:

“Dana reported it would entertain. If you think about the opportunity impression it can have, can you envision Tony and Habib on the other side of the coaching? Can you picture fireworks?”

The founders of the American Kickboxing Academy later mentioned why they believed that the two would make Ultimate Fighter a significantly additional attention-grabbing demonstrate.

“It’s a genuine match concerning what you dislike and what you like, it really is what you dislike and like concerning those people men … I to some extent Habib praises Tony … Dana, you listen to If so, I believe it can be fantastic, I feel you’re the ideal Dana, you have a clue. It is really wonderful … I think it can be a superior year, and it’s possible they Will not fight in the conclusion, but it is really ok … Habib, I’ll be the greatest uncrowned famous mentor ever. “

Look at the complete online video down below.

You might see Habib Nurmagomedov return to opposition

Subsequent his next submission victory above Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 two years back, Habib announces his retirement in an octagon, claiming he wishes to continue to keep his mother’s wishes and cease competing without his father. Did.

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Because then, countless speculation has unfold among undefeated light-weight and a return to activity, but Dagestan does not seem to return to its cage brilliantly.

You may possibly hardly ever see Habib Nurmagomedov boosting his 30th vocation gain, but the rumors encompassing him and Tony Ferguson want to see the pair somehow compete with each and every other. It gives hope to a huge range of fans who imagine.

If this rumored season of Supreme Fighters takes location, followers will have the opportunity to see Habib Nurmagomedov compete with Tony Ferguson in some enjoyable coaching worries. It may perhaps not be as enjoyable as seeing two men battle in a cage, but it is really likely attention-grabbing to see their competition deal with every single other immediately.

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