Jason Momoa keeps an unusual memory of his participation in “Game of Thrones” CELEBRITIES The Intransigent

Jason Momoa had a fleeting participation in “Game of Thrones”, But it was the role that gave him international projection. His character of Khal Drogo conquered the hearts of many fans and like his fellow showmates did, the 41-year-old actor took home a couple of souvenirs as I remember, but in your case they are quite unusual.

It all goes back to the first season of GOT when Khal Drogo faces one of the members of his own tribe after challenging him. Next, what viewers saw was a Jason Momoa cutting his opponent’s tongue and throat and that was precisely what he decided to take from the set.

“I’m a huge fan of taking things that I worked with. So I have the memory of the tongue and throat on my desk. I asked the producers because it was one of the first scenes that was never in the book and I found it very interesting, “he revealed. Jason Momoa in an interview with the American press.

As you will remember, in that scene from GOT Khal Drogo He received a deep wound to his chest that evidently made him seriously ill. In the series, the wound became infected and little by little the barbarian chief of the tribe died despite the efforts of his wife, (Emilia Clarke) to save him through a magical device.

But Jason Momoa He was not the only one to take home some memories of the best moments of his life on television. His companions Kit Harington O Maisie Williams small details that were used in GOT were taken away, such as Arya Stark’s cape or a huge statue of Jon Snow that we saw in almost every season.

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