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Naomichi Shiono “Green Cover” Regaining the Light and Hope of Elementary School Arithmetic Textbooks

2022.6.24 (Friday)
Ken Ito



First of all, I will give you the problem of the 4th grade, so please think about it.

This is a question for elementary school students, “List all the quadrilaterals contained in the above figure.”

I won’t write the answer, but frankly, it’s a difficult problem. I myself started thinking on Sunday night and fell asleep.

In the morning, I made a systematic solution and prepared a model answer, and I am also “questioning” here.

This issue is described in the textbook for the 4th grade of the green cover “Ordinary Elementary School Arithmetic”, which is famous as the best masterpiece of modern Japanese textbooks.

You don’t necessarily need a “mathematical formula” to solve this problem (although it was much easier to actually solve it).

However, the argument that gives all the solutions “necessarily and sufficiently” is extremely logical and mathematical, and contains many suggestions that are useful in real life.

It is a good question that can be asked even for elementary school students, such as a model for logical thinking and algorithms.

This time, from the perspective of an instructor who has taught information, mathematics, physics, statistics, etc. at the University of Tokyo for the past 25 years, there is a clear structural reason why Japanese people cannot make use of mathematics and mathematics in their lives. So let’s explain it.

In a society where AI will become widespread in the future, the situation where the current 50% of occupations have disappeared and the evaporation of employment itself is known, and the situation where most Japanese are not good at “math / mathematics” is not an exaggeration to say that it is a national crisis. I’m in a situation.

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Volunteer instructors from the University of Tokyo are consulting to get rid of the cause and return to a decent course.

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