Japanese band Manila Express will hold a concert for the first time in three and a half years on the 26th | “Daily Manila Shimbun” Web The Daily Manila Shimbun Web

manila express concert poster

MANILA EXPRESS (Representative: Masato Miyaji), a Japanese band formed in Manila for the 22nd year, will hold a live concert in Makati City for the first time in three and a half years. In order to blow away the long-lasting self-restraint due to the corona wreck, songs such as “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” and “Voltes V” (the theme song of a famous Japanese animation in the Philippines), as well as the famous love song “First Love”, Play various songs such as “Last Christmas”.

The venue will be the space in front of the Uryu Theater on the 2nd floor of Makati Central Square (formerly Makati Cinema Square) in Makati City. free entrance.

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