Japan Weather Association sponsors career education teaching material “Oshigoto Yearbook 2021” -Introducing how to make “weather forecast” as part of public utility- | JWA News | Japan Weather Association

The Japan Weather Association (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Tadashi Nagata, hereinafter “Japan Weather Association”) is a career education teaching material published by Asahi Shimbun as part of its public utility, continuing from 2020. We are co-sponsoring “Oshigoto Yearbook 2021”.

“Oshigoto Yearbook” is a teaching material published by Asahi Shimbun that supports career education for elementary and junior high school students. It explains the work of companies and organizations in an easy-to-understand manner and corresponds to the course of study so that it can be used in classes such as “social studies” and “comprehensive learning”. 70,000 copies of “Oshigoto Yearbook 2021” will be published as a donated version and will be distributed free of charge to elementary and junior high schools nationwide as well as Japanese schools around the world. In addition, 5,000 copies will be published as commercial books.

“Oshigoto Yearbook 2021” introduces 136 themes of 130 supporting companies and organizations in 5 categories. The Japan Weather Association puts the theme of “How to make a weather forecast?” In the category of “Science and technology work that creates the future”. “Protecting people’s lives and the environment!” “Weather forecasts are useful for business!”
In addition, within the theme of “What are the SDGs that will change the future of humankind?”, We also introduce the efforts of the Japan Weather Association to forecast product demand using weather information.

We hope that these will help children and students become interested in meteorological work and choose their future profession.


PDF download:[Notice from Japan Weather Association]Work Yearbook 2021

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