Jan Josef Liefers: I am mostly optimistic

Berlin (dpa) – The musician and actor Jan Josef Liefers (56) sees problems for young artists in the Corona period. “The old, established hands, who already have an audience, will someday be back on stage, open exhibitions and so on,” said Liefers of the “Berliner Morgenpost” on Sunday.

From his point of view, the offspring, who would have just taken off, will be missing: “Debut album finished, but the radio doesn’t play the single (as it usually does), and the tour is also canceled.” Which young artist could hold out for a year? Liefers wonders.

An opera singer recently told him that people might get used to not going to the theater, cinema or concerts, but rather watching Netflix and Co. at home on the couch. “Sometimes I think that we won’t get the world back as we know it.” But mostly he is optimistic.

Liefers (“Tatort” Münster) is currently producing his first own film. “It is a true episode in the life of Erich and Margot Honecker who, after their disempowerment and the closure of their old housing estate in Wandlitz, found asylum as homeless with a pastor’s family in the children’s rooms of the rectory.” Liefers also wants to direct – “but no? Before the question comes up?, I won’t act myself. Especially not Honecker. We have a much better one.”

On ZDF, Liefers can be seen from February 7th in the miniseries “Tod von Freunde”, on four Sundays, starting at 10:15 pm.

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