Jan. 6 Hearing Day 5: Gates ‘asks for pardon’ as Trump presses DOJ over false election claims

‘I’ve lost my name, I’ve lost my reputation’: Testimony of Vote Official Provider at Jan. 6 hearing

Thursday’s Jan. 6 hearing delved into how Donald Trump and his allies put extreme pressure on the Justice Department to help roll back the 2020 election.

Former acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue told the committee that Mr. Trump had personally instructed him to say the election was “corrupt,” and he would use that as an impetus for Congress to act and refuse to confirm the results.

“Just say it’s corrupt and leave the rest to me and Republican congressmen,” Donald Trump said in remarks read aloud by committee member Adam Kinzinger on Jan. 6.

Even after Justice Department officials repeatedly outlined that his campaign claims were baseless, Mr. Trump said he thought supporters of the riot at the Capitol were “smart” because they believed the presidential campaign had been stolen.

“From the perspective of what happened in the election, they were pissed,” Mr Trump told filmmaker Alex Holder. “Because they were smart, they saw and saw what happened, and I believe that was a big part of what happened on January 6.”

Congressmen Matt Gates, Marjorie Taylor Green and Mo Brooks have all sought pardons from Donald Trump as Republicans’ plan to challenge the election progresses.


Donald Trump is on the brink of a new ‘Saturday Night Massacre’

A special committee hearing on Thursday, Jan. 6, showed Donald Trump was only moments away from a repeat of President Richard Nixon’s infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” when some top Justice Department officials resigned while Not to further cover up the Watergate scandal.

Donald Trump narrowly avoided such a fate, officials testified Thursday.

He and his allies have spent months pushing to elevate an obscure Justice Department named Jeffrey Clark to acting attorney general, urging the Justice Department to declare the 2020 election a suspect and encouraging state officials Sending out illegal pro-Trump voter lists.

Things came to a head when Justice Department leadership met Donald Trump at the White House. They warned that if Mr Clarke and hundreds of colleagues were given more power, they would resign en masse.

“Leadership will disappear. Jeff Clark will lead a cemetery,” former Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue told the president, as he testified.

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January 6 ushered in an era of political violence

Every day, American politics seems to be getting more and more violent.

We have multiple stories today of politicians and Washington-related people facing death threats because of their positions.

Hopefully January 6 will be the culmination of an increasingly violent era in American politics, but it doesn’t seem to be over.

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British filmmaker says Trump sees Jan. 6 violence ‘inevitable’ and is ‘happy’ after Congress riot

British filmmaker Alex Holder told CBS News In an interview Thursday night, President Donald Trump dismissed the Jan. 6 violence as “inevitable” and “pleasant” in the hours following the Capitol riot.

Mr Holder, whose documentary was reviewed by the Jan. 6 committee, testified behind closed doors today about what he saw as he followed Mr Trump and his inner circle in the months before and after the 2020 election.

Following his testimony and the public release of selected excerpts from his upcoming three-part documentary series that premieres on Discovery Plus later this summer, Mr. Holder spoke with CBS News — told host Nora O’Donnell that he predicted violence on January 6th.

“The amount of rhetoric and some kind of belligerence that came out after the election was so big that it ended up having to end in violence, in my opinion,” Mr Holder said. “Even if you look at the way previous campaigns have been run, , and the idea that elections are irregular at that time has also arisen. So for me, January 6th is not going to happen on its own.”

Abe Asher There are all the details.

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Ivanka Trump wants dad to ‘fight’ election despite testifying she accepts 2020 results, film show

New documentary footage shows Ivanka Trump wants her father to continue fighting the 2020 election result until December, contradicting her testimony at a recent Jan. 6 hearing that she Almost accepted Donald Trump’s electoral defeat.

As part of a yet-to-be-released documentary, the former president’s daughter wants Mr Trump “to keep fighting until all legal remedies have been exhausted”.

“Every ballot needs to be counted, every ballot needs to be heard, as the president said, and he’s campaigning for the voiceless,” Ms Trump said in an interview on the upcoming series unprecedented, According to footage obtained by CNN.

Here’s a clip released this Thursday.

Read more about Ms. Trump’s testimony at the Jan. 6 hearing in a story earlier this week.

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Filmmaker who interviewed Donald Trump after Jan. 6 says president sees violence as ‘inevitable’

Alex Holder interviewed Donald Trump in the days following January 6.

The documentarian talks to Mr Trump and other top campaign figures about the upcoming documentary series unprecedentedsaid the president appeared to believe post-election violence was “inevitable.”

“If you tell 75 million people that their election doesn’t count, and they believe you, you’re their president, and they vote for you, what else will happen?” he said in an interview with CBS News on Thursday.

He continued: “I think the president thinks it’s kind of unshakable because the people in the room are doing what they think is right, they’re fighting for the election, and their votes are being counted.”

The British filmmaker has been following the final days of Trump’s campaign and said Mr Trump’s rhetoric has become increasingly violent.

“The amount of rhetoric and some kind of belligerence that came out after the election was so important that, in my opinion, it had to end in violence,” he said.

“For me, January 6th was not personally happy.” Watch the full interview here.

This is Andrew BoncombeProfile of Mr Holder.

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We now know the names of the Republicans who asked for pardons after January 6th.remember them

As Thursday’s hearings begin, Donald Trump has launched a frantic campaign to get the Justice Department on his side and back his bogus election claims.

Senior officials were so angry and concerned about Trump’s intentions that they threatened to resign en masse.

as a columnist Ahmed Baba In his latest article, he argues, “If it wasn’t clear before, it will certainly be clear after tonight’s hearings: The only widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election is Donald Trump’s effort to overturn it. extensive efforts.”

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More from Nixon’s January 6 hearing

In addition to nearly every reporter in Washington, Donald Trump and citizens across the country, one John Wesley Dean III is watching Thursday, Jan. 6, for the hearing.

Mr. Dean, who served as White House counsel to President Richard Nixon and helped cover up the Watergate burglary, agreed to cooperate with Senate investigators and testify publicly about the scandal and the resulting concealment efforts.

On Thursday, Mr. Dean tweeted a photo showing him watching the hearing with other former Nixon officials.

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Alex Holder: How a little-known British filmmaker became the center of the case against Trump

Little-known British filmmaker Alex Holder finds himself at the center of an unlikely political storm after the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack has issued a subpoena to hand over hours Donald Trump and him in the final weeks of 2020 filmed a documentary for his family and the events that took place on the day of the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

He filmed it for inclusion in an as-yet unreleased three-part documentary about the final months of Trump’s presidency. Movie – unprecedented – Scheduled for release this summer, and has been acquired by Discovery Plus.

The committee also asked Holder himself to conduct interviews with committee members, which he agreed to do, on Thursday morning, just before the fifth public meeting of the National Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol. Meeting soon.

Andrew Boncombe Have a complete profile.

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Jan. 6 hearing told lawmakers Matt Gates, Mo Brooks and Louie Gomert who asked for Trump’s pardon

Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Mo Brooks, Matt Gates, Andy Biggs, Louie Gomert and Scott Perry, asked then-President Donald Trump to grant them a presidential pardon within days of the attack on the United States , to shield them from future prosecution. The Capitol on January 6 last year.

Their names were revealed on Thursday at a House select committee hearing examining Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure the Justice Department to assist him in overturning his loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Former special assistant to the president Cassidy Hutchinson said both Mr. Gates and Mr. Brooks advocated a “full pardon” for members who attended the December meeting to plan the Jan. 6 event.

“Mr. Gates has personally pushed for pardons and has been doing so since early December,” she said in pre-recorded testimony played by the committee.

independentof Andrew Feinberg There are more.

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‘Pure insanity’: Jan. 6 committee hears pro-Trump conspiracy theory involving vote to switch Italian satellite

Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows asks the U.S. Justice Department to call on the Italian government to consider conspiracy theories moving from QAnon-related corners of the internet to the White House, according to a House select committee investigation into baseless voter fraud Jan. 6 Narratives that sparked violence at the U.S. Capitol.

Mr Meadows reportedly told then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to look into the states he lost after Mr Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, according to documents first obtained by lawmakers and reviewed by the news outlet last year. False fraud allegations.

He is said to have urged Mr Rosen to investigate several debunked allegations, including the “theory” that Italian officials worked with Barack Obama and the CIA to use satellites and military technology to manipulate US voting machines, a claim at the QAnon-affiliated group and spread in remote organizations. He sent Mr Meadows a YouTube link before it caught the attention of Republican Congressman Scott Perry.

“Why can’t we work with the Italian government?” Mr. Perry wrote to Mr. Meadows on December 31, 2020, according to a text obtained by the committee. The video was posted on YouTube on December 18.

Alex Woodward There’s more to this strange story.

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