Jada Pinkett Smith, her mother and daughter Willow get matching tattoos

That among the women of the Smith family there is a sisterhood and a very special relationship, you can know just by seeing one of the programs Red Table Talk who runs Jada Pinkett Smith, that has served the actress so much to get to know her children better, her own mother and even her husband, Will Smith, to whom she confessed that she had been unfaithful.

In fact, in the different installments of the Facebook space it has been possible to see how the relationship between Jada and her daughter Willow (as well as with the grandmother and regular collaborator, Adrienne Banfield-Norris) became closer and closer and more intimate, coming to express her desire to practice polyamory, reviling monogamy or revealing her serious anxiety problems to give them visibility and receive the affection of their own.

Such have been the times that they have been sincere with each other in front of the cameras, than behind them, in the same wayThey have achieved such a strong bond that they needed to shape it. And the three of them have decided to get matching tattoos that symbolize their union.

The design chosen has finally been that of a lotus flower, a plant known for its enormous spiritual symbolism, especially in Asian cultures and in Ancient Egypt, in addition to its incredible ability to overcome vital to survive, because its seeds can germinate even after 1000 years.

The three women It has been tattooed in the three phases of its flowering, although while for Jada and Adrienne the opening of the flower is downwards, that of Willow emerges from the bottom of the waters and opens on the surface. It was the 49-year-old interpreter who uploaded both photos and a video to her Instagram.

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In the first publication, he thanked the tattoo artist for “his patience and generosity” as well as his “art and spirit”, having received many compliments, while in the clip, Adrienne explains the meanings of the tattoo, and the importance of being slightly different, Well, it connects with the idea that each one has had its own path although they all belong to the same family.


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