Jacques Olive, the Audois who collected the secrets of the stars


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This former radio host, especially for Sud-Radio, met the greatest artists. From the Carcassonne festival to the Cannes festival …

His father intended him for a legal career, like the paternal line. Him, he dreamed of rubbing shoulders with the great stars of the song whose father always collected records. It was the time of LPs, that of the monsters of French song, of yé-yé, of friends, and of recklessness. Jacques Olive is one of those who traced their life by following their dream. Born rue Tourtel in Carcassonne in 1947, the apprentice journalist and presenter cut his teeth by launching the Paul-Sabatier high school newspaper. “A friend took the photos and I wrote”.

Nothing stops the duo from feeding this cabbage leaf. While Gérard Oury’s teams are in Carcassonne for the filming of Corniaud, he tries to approach Louis de Funès, who was staying at the Terminus, for an interview. Without success. He then gains Le Donjon à la Cité to approach Bourvil. “He greeted us warmly but asked us to wait ten minutes before joining him in his room for the interview. We were all shaky. He was a very respectful man ”, remembers Jacques Olive. After this first scoop, the Carcassonnais, who is not yet of age, wishes to propose to The Independent a column in which he would give the floor to the stars programmed at the municipal theater. He asks Jean Alary, the director of the place, for permission to have access to the wings to approach the successful actors and singers.. ” No problem “, answers the one he presents as his ” artistic father “. AT The independent, the editor has a column for him every Wednesday, called ” Between us… the young people ”, paid 10 francs weekly.

The young man, still in costume, then connects the interviews using a tape recorder, escorted by the daily photographer. Until the day he sees an advertisement for Radio Andorra : the station is looking for entertainers. ” I put aside three or four interviews and sent my letter of application ”. Reply by telegram: it is taken for a three-month trial on March 1, 1966 in duplicate with presenters. ” I had to correct my accent ”, he recalls, by dint of reading aloud, to better get on the air. And this is how he becomes the animator of Blue jeans special, show similar to Hi buddies. Jacques Olive then multiplies his meetings with artists each time they perform in the region. ” I became friends with them. At the time, there were few radios and no roadblocks to approach them. The artists knew us « .

Bardot, Chaplin, Hitchcock, Johnny…

He becomes the friend of Salvatore Adamo, who invites him to accompany him for the shooting of a musical film, Poppy Island. The Carcassonnais has been working for Radio Andorra for five years. He dreams of cinema but has not been able to study in this direction, for lack of a baccalaureate. He takes the singer’s proposal and becomes assistant director and understudy for the light. The experiment lasts three months. The film flops: it is only shown in a few theaters, Jacques Olive enjoys today.

The Carcassonnais bounces back when he meets an acquaintance of his hometown, Bernard Icher, who tries his hand at singing with Gaston Bonheur. He follows him during his tour where he meets the artistic director of the ORTF Nice-Côte d’Azur. The latter hired him as a radio and TV host, until his dismissal in 1974 with the end of the ORTF. In this favorite territory, between Saint-Tropez and Monaco, Jacques Olive meets a slew of artists: Charlie Chaplin, interviewed for his 80th birthday at La Réserve de Beaulieu; Brigitte Bardot on a private visit to the Fréjus zoo; or even Yves Montand, with whom he shares a game of pétanque in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, while ” Simone Signoret was knitting ”; or Alfred Hitchcock, at the Cannes film festival. On the coast, he also founded a family with Evelyne Leclercq, with whom he has a daughter, but the couple quickly divorced.

A summer replacement

His dismissal allows him to integrate South Radio, for a summer replacement, in 1974. He stayed there until 1986 when he hosted Children of the country, then The housewife’s basket, before becoming the radio press attaché. For a few summers, in the 1980s, he helped Jean Alary to promote the Festival de la Cité.

In 1986, the Carcassonnais decided to stand on his own feet by creating his public relations company: he was responsible for supervising events in the Toulouse exhibition center. Then in 1993, he became press attaché for the Toulouse district with Dominique Baudis, before ending his career in 2011 at the press service of the Toulouse town hall.

Today, Jacques Olive lives in the Pink City but regularly stays in Aude to visit his mother in Quillan. Now he is pursuing another dream, that of publishing all his memories, sometimes immortalized in photos. We see him, always elegant and impeccable in his costume, interviewing the stars of a bygone era, but inscribed in everyone’s memory. Like “The idol of young people” met just before her concert in Lézignan-Corbières.

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