Ivana Gottová has bad news for the fans!


The official autobiography of Karel Gott should be published in March next year. The widow of the singer Ivana Gottová and her collaborators decided to postpone the publication of the book planned for the autumn, because they need more time to complete it.

According to his loved ones, the autobiography should also contain unique photographs, documents and archival materials that have not yet been published.

“Most of the photographs, as well as the cover of the publication and its title, along with all the chapters, were approved by Karel. The images were discussed in September last year, when he had to spend most of his time at home in his chair or in bed. admirers and readers have taken a closer look at his artistic creative soul also through his drawings, handwritten notes and lyrics, as well as his childhood, about which his testimonials and school notes give an authentic testimony, ” said Gott.

While sorting the archive after her husband’s death, she discovered other rare artifacts and documents that, according to her, should not be missing from the book. However, the completion of Gott’s autobiography in terms of text, graphics and images will still take time, so she decided to postpone the publication of the book to the spring of next year with her colleagues.

After last year’s death of Karel Gott, a number of his unofficial biographies quickly appeared on the market. A number of books have already been devoted to the singer, whose songs have influenced several generations of listeners not only in the Czech Republic. For example, 11 years ago, the Czech and German editions of Die Goldene Stimme aus Prag by Michaela Remešová and Dalibor Mácha had a baptism with a foreword by President Václav Klaus. On the occasion of Gott’s 70th birthday in the same year, Karel Gott’s book 70 personalities about the Golden Nightingale was published by music publicist Vladimír Vlasák. A number of unauthorized books were devoted to Gott’s private life.

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