“It’s traditional Korean medicine”: in Sweden, a museum exhibits wine from excrement and beer from testicles


The carboy of a yellowish liquid dominates the display table and steals the show from red ant gin or other scorpion vodka: “poo wine” is the jewel of the food museum’s disgusting liquor exhibit disgusting of Malmö.

“This is traditional Korean medicine”, assures the affable director of the museum, Andreas Ahrens, who himself made the mixture of human excrement. “We drank it to treat fractures and bruises. It is more of a medicine than anything else”. He is categorical: “Now it smells more like alcohol than stool. But when you start making it, the smell is totally awful.”

Compare spiritual habits

Suppressing a gag or displaying an amused smile, visitors are distracted by the discovery of the different alcohols: experimental, like a 55% Scottish beer sold in a stuffed squirrel; of larger production, such as Italian Fernet Branca, Icelandic whale testicle beer or Ugandan Waragi; without forgetting the distorted spirits such as pruno, fruit wine made by prisoners in the United States and hidden in the toilets.

This is an opportunity for visitors to compare spiritual habits, such as Gammeldansk, a Danish bitter that is traditionally drunk for breakfast, “considered quite normal here in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but disgusting in the rest of the world”, explains Ahrens.

Opened almost two years ago, the disgusting food museum is enjoying growing success, with exhibitions outside the walls in Nantes, Berlin and Los Angeles.

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