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“Yule Environmental Multifunctional Detergent” Pet Cleaning

[Epoch Times November 26, 2021]Many dogs don’t like bathing, not just because they hate to touch water, but because the artificial fragrance of “washing incense” makes them suffer! However, there is a fox in Taichung. Every time he takes a bath, he looks forward to it. After washing, he looks white and happy. It looks very affectionate.

This small and medium-sized dog is called “A Fei” and has white and beautiful hair. It is over 9 years old. The owner, Miss Lin, revealed the secret of helping A Fei clean and feel at ease: “Since we were born, we have Use Yule to help it take a bath. It has never had skin problems. The dog’s body odor is also very weak, almost none. I will continue to use Yule. With Yule, I feel relieved and at ease!”

Ms. Lin said that Yule cleaning products adhere to the principle of “natural, environmentally friendly and safe.” She shared the method of bathing dogs with Yule: Dilute the Yule environmentally friendly multifunctional detergent by 4 to 5 times, let the dog stand in the basin, first wet the dog with warm water, and rub the dog with the diluent Rinse the dog’s whole body with warm water and you’re done!

Because Yule detergent can effectively remove fleas from dogs, improve skin conditions, and also make the hair fluffy, soft, clean and shiny, so that dogs can wash clean and at ease. No wonder it has become an exclusive favorite to help Afei wash up.

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For the health and happiness of Mao’s children, the owners always take good care of themselves, especially taking a bath with care. The skin of a dog is thinner than that of a human, and the thickness of the epidermis is only 3 to 5 layers. It is prone to inflammation due to external stimulation and requires a lot of body hair to protect the skin. The dog’s skin is weakly alkaline (pH value is about 7~7.5), it is easy to grow bacteria, produce peculiar smell, and the risk of skin diseases is also higher, so special attention should be paid to the choice of lotion.

The Yule environmentally friendly multifunctional detergent developed for many years is mainly natural and environmentally friendly and does not harm the body. The waste water after use flows into the river and will not cause environmental pollution. Yule advocates that “no taste is really clean” and no flavor is added. In particular, dogs’ sense of smell is 100,000 to 1 million times more sensitive than humans, and artificial flavors can cause fury children to suffer; Yule does not add harmful chemical ingredients, and uses the characteristics of raw materials to achieve antiseptic effects; adopts EU natural organic certified APG plant-based surfactants , So that the dog can be washed clean and the owner can use it at ease.

Ah Fei washes Peng Peng daily. (Provided by Lu Xi)

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