“It’s like a small family”

The influencer series “Das Internat” is entering its second round. We chatted with Mario Novembre, Payton Ramolla and Co. about our time together on set and the social media world.

The second season of “Das Internat” has been available for a few weeks from the Joyn streaming service. The adventures at the “FLY” -Internat with Instagram and TikTok greats like Mario Novembre, Payton Ramolla (@ payton.r), Leon Pelz and Finn Schöwing (@fionntime) in the lead roles, continue just as funny and exciting as it is loyal fans were used to from season 1. We spoke to the four actors in an interview.

You four tell me how was filming this year?

Finn: For me it was a really exciting and exciting time because it was my first time at “Das Internat”. I’ve never done anything like this before and have no experience of acting. The first two weeks were really exciting for me.

Payton: I can really go along with that. At the beginning it’s always an unfamiliar situation, but then you’re immediately a well-rehearsed team, it’s like a small family. We really sat on each other for six weeks.

If you sit on top of each other for three to six weeks, will you eventually even get a little annoyed by the others?

Leon: I think it’s quite normal that when you’ve been together for so long and maybe also has a stressful day, you get annoyed at times. But we were lucky that everyone had their own room. As a result, we always had a place of retreat.

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What were you able to take with you in terms of “acting” from the first season and implement in the second season?

Leon: I definitely do a lot! When I watched the full episodes of the first season, I noticed that my role “Ben” goes from 0 to 100 relatively quickly and there is no moment when emotions can build up. I tried to do better in the second season.

Payton: I think the acting has got a little better for all of us. But we all noticed again that it is very important that you understand each other when you sit on top of each other for 24 hours. And that nothing should be embarrassing in front of the other – because some scenes just feel weird at times.

Finn (third from right) also quickly found his role after initial nervousness. He’s brand new in season 2. © Pantaflix Studios © Pantaflix Studios

Which scene did you get most stuck with during the filming?

Finn: For me it’s definitely my first scene. It was really exciting for me. But I was also lucky that I had my first scene with Marvin and Mario. Nothing better could have happened to me.

Mario: I think we have outtakes a dime a dozen! Also because the weather was really bad here. One day we were shooting on a staircase and the stairs were completely iced over from top to bottom. I had to run down the stairs and I was completely blown away! I had butt pain all week. That was really tough.

Mario, your single “Be Alone” is the soundrack of the series. What is the story behind this song, do you sing and write yourself from experience?

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Mario: I don’t write my texts from my own experience, I get a lot out of the stories of different people. I can easily put myself in other positions and that’s when songs like this come into being. It’s about love and a heartbreak.

Could you also imagine playing in another series? Which would it be?

Payton: Finn and I could imagine playing on “Outer Banks”. We find that really cool!

Mario: I’m a big prison break fan. This adrenaline tickling is totally mine, I could well imagine it.

Leon: I would have said “Disney’s Big Break” for fun. But where I would actually like it would be “4 blocks”.

What did you do after filming ended? How did your evenings look?

Mario: After that, we all did a lot together. Community games or we watched trash TV series like “Der Bachelor” or “Are you the one?” – that was really funny. But every evening was always different. We often played table tennis, while some of them withdrew.

You have millions of followers and fans in the social media networks. Often you also have to deal with non-constructive criticism. How do you deal with it and do you have tips for better self-confidence?

Mario: You have to be true to yourself no matter what others say. Really, it is so important! Don’t worry too much about other people’s opinions. You have to enjoy what you do! Every person works differently, every person perceives something differently. I think it’s a process the older you get. Then you have the attitude: “Okay, it doesn’t matter now.” Just trust yourself there.

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