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One of the hot topics. It seems to be sucked into the glittering eyes …[Photo courtesy of Yoshiko (@ menglish222)]

A charming appearance, a friendly personality, a unique way of sitting with your legs thrown out, etc …. Pug has a lot of charm. One of them is the big, crisp eyes. There is a pug whose eyes are talked about as glittering, like the characters that appear in shojo manga. Owner Yoshiko (@menglish222) Talked to Mr.

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The big eyes from the time of a puppy are used as they are

The pug who showed off his beautiful eyes was a 14-year-old boy “Me”. According to Yoshiko, “I had very big eyes since I was a child,” and it was named after that characteristic.

The photo that became a hot topic this time is one that is full of the features and charms of Me-kun. I sit next to the flower and stare straight at the camera with big eyes. When Yoshiko spoke for Me-kun’s feelings of showing this cute expression, she said, “Which is cute, Ohana-to-me?”

Even so, these moist and glittering eyes … I think I’ll be sucked in unintentionally. Yoshiko said that when shooting this one, she released the shutter in a place where outside light could enter on a lightly cloudy day. By doing so, it seems that the light will be more visible to the eyes than when shooting in the sun.

When one of Me-kun was released on Twitter, nearly 40,000 likes were received. Also, “Pug of Versailles”, “Stars in the eyes”, “Oh, how cute !? There were many people who were shot through the heart in Me-kun’s eyes.

By the way, Yoshiko wrote on her blog “Pug bride and mother-in-lawIn addition to delivering 4-frame manga with “”Pug mangaBooks such as “” have also been published. I hope that you will continue to deliver the charm of pugs along with Me-kun’s photos and videos.

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