“It’s crazy…” A famous celebrity who gave a bag of ‘1.1 billion’ cash to 14 friends (photo)


American actor George Clooney has revealed that he has given $1 million to 14 of his best friends.

Film Actor George Clooney / hereafter shutterstock

In an interview with GQ on the 17th (local time), George Clooney replied that the rumors that he gave each of his 14 close friends $1 million (about 1.1 billion won) were true.

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In 2017, his close friend Rande Gerber made a hot topic by saying in a broadcast interview, “George Clooney gave 14 best friends each with a million dollars in cash.”

George Clooney, who didn’t say anything at the time, made specific details in an interview three years later.

George Clooney said, “When I was penniless, I slept on their couches, and I lived on the money my friends lent,” said George Clooney. “My friends helped and supported me for years when I needed help.”

He expressed his gratitude, saying, “If I had not had these friends who helped me in various ways for 35 years, I would not have lived like this.

George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney

At the time, George Clooney invited close friends called’The Boys’ to the house.

Afterwards, he asked, “What kind of reward should I give to the people who made everything I enjoyed possible?”, he answered himself, “How about a million dollars?” and presented a bag full of one million dollars to his friends.

The amount he gave to his friends amounted to a total of 14 million dollars (about 15.6 billion won). Clooney is known to have paid the tax on the donation of cash.

With this, George Clooney rewarded his friends who helped him when he was poor and unknown.

George Clooney took second place in 2018, earning $239 million (about 2665 billion won) on Forbes Magazine’s’Best Celebrity List of the Year’. He earned a lot of money through the’Casamigos’ tequila business, which he founded with two entrepreneurs in 2013, and ranked high even without a hit movie.

Liquor products from Casamigos, a liquor company founded by George Clooney



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