“It’s about being constant”: Grecia González shared the one that changed his musical career

MEXICO – Greece Gonzalez has been one of the personalities of internet that have generated more tenderness and interest in recent months. As is well known, the model and influencer have been working on the dream of her life for some time, which is to be a singer. Little by little, creating connections and allying herself with great personalities in the entertainment industry, the Venezuelan has managed to make great strides.

Not long ago, in fact, one of her most recent songs became relevant on the platforms, as the talented interpreter showed the true character of her voice, giving rise to a beautiful piece of music called “Esperanza”. Now, on the special occasion of Thursday, when the networks are filled with TBTs everywhere, Greece Gonzalez He has made a sweet publication regarding his career.

“Although you may not believe it, this song was the beginning of everything, I always sang in shows, on social networks and karaoke, but I had never released my first song and this was the beginning of what is still in development today,” he said speaking of his debut song “Stay”. Which had a great reception from the community of fans and followers of the Venezuelan, who already had a path mapped out.

“It is about being constant and never giving up, because I have also come to despair looking sideways and thinking that I will never achieve it, but I learned that when you do it for love you stop caring about the rest and I know that the time will come when the one that we achieve the goal we want ”, he commented in the caption of the publication of the memory, thus calling for reflection.

Finally, Greece Gonzalez He ended up saying: “Thank you all for being at the beginning and for continuing to support me after a year.” “Here we go. This is just beginning, ”he expressed with encouragement. Giving the guarantee that, from now on, there is still a long way to go and in the future, with a lot of effort, it will be possible to see much more of his art, his talent and the proposal he has for his fans and followers.

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