Italy. They pulled a fish out of the water and rubbed their eyes. She had a pig’s face

Naval officers sailed the waters off Darsena Medicea in Portoferraio on the Italian island of Elba. At first they thought they found a shark, but when they pulled the animal out of the water, they saw a rather surprising sight. Fish for it had a mouth like a pig. The men thought they found some mutant species. It turned out, however, that they fished out a very rare fish – the brown-haired fish (Oxynotus centrina).

Bronzefish – a fish with the body of a shark and a pig’s mouth

The animal is also commonly referred to as a shark with a pig’s face. It lives more or less at a depth of 700 meters under water. It occurs in the eastern parts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This fish is known for its wide, flattened head and wide mouth. Bronze is on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List, which means that is in danger of extinction.

The fish was transported to the port office for examination and then thrown back into the water.

– It is commonly called a “pig” because when it is on the surface, makes a grunting noise. It is often reported that this fish falls into fishing nets. I myself tried to breed it in an aquarium for a while, but quickly gave up. You can see that this is a species that is simply not suitable for living in captivity – said Jurij Tiberto from Elba Aquarium, quoted by “Mirror”.

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Source: “Mirror”, Ladbible

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