It sounds incredible but this water can well rejuvenate the brain for several years

We know that water is a fundamental element for human life and it is even more so for the brain. Today there are different types of water on the market to satisfy the most disparate needs. Well it seems incredible but this water can well rejuvenate the brain for several years. What are we referring to?

The brain in the center of attention

The brain is the most precious part of our body and it is so important that we sometimes identify with it. In our modern and western society it is the organ that is under the most stress. Compared to the past, it is subjected to a considerably higher number of stresses. These cannot always be managed and states of depression and stress take over.

The often wrong diet and the frenetic rhythms to which one is subjected, cause damage to the brain. It undergoes the onslaught of neurotoxins that build up inside it, causing its abilities to degenerate. According to some studies, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are also born in this way.

It sounds incredible but this water can well rejuvenate the brain for several years

The University of Northumbria in the UK recently published a study on the amazing properties of rosemary water.

Rosemary is known for its beneficial properties such as analgesic, calming joint pain. It works as a bronchodilator and therefore can calm coughs also due to bronchitis. It also has several antioxidants that act effectively for cancer prevention as well as being a liver protector.

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But the English study also shows another amazing property of rosemary water.

Rejuvenate the brain

One of the properties of rosemary aromatic water is to rejuvenate the brain, it also looks like 11 years old. A cup of aromatic water a day accelerates cognitive abilities by as much as 15% and effectively fights brain aging. A real discovery that can be very useful for keeping the brain in shape.

What is rosemary water

The hydrolate or aromatic water is only the second product of the distillation of the plant. After subjecting the leaves and flowers to the action of steam, the essential oil of rosemary and the hydrolat or aromatic water are obtained. It is the latter that interests the aforementioned study, and which can be found for sale in herbal medicine. However, even the simple infusion of dried rosemary leaves works well.

Rosemary is therefore a plant to be used more and more in the kitchen and specifically also as a protector of brain aging.

Here is also a great drinking water for controlling high or low blood pressure.

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