“It seems that she experienced a lot of evil from people.” The reader is concerned about the fate of the dog Squirrel, who lives with a paw tied with wire | People’s News

Hello dear editor. I have already addressed you – about a dog with a paw tied with wire. She visits with a flock on an old foundation in a wasteland to the right of the Dobrotsen store on the street. Karbysheva, 9.

It’s been almost 5 months since she was seen. Volunteers gathered, about 10 people. They tried to catch, but it didn’t work out. She is very shy and doesn’t trust people. Even the woman who daily feeds this flock cannot reach out to her hand. The dog leaves immediately. Her name is Belochka. When her name is called, she panics and runs away. It seems that she experienced a lot of evil from people.
An application was made to capture her. We talked with Chazov (Pavel Chazov, head of the legal department of Stroytrest LLC, which is engaged in catching stray animals in Serov, – approx. Globus) and with Dmitry, a trapping specialist. Dmitry once hit her with a sedative, but they could not catch the dog. (…) Behind the foundation – dense thickets. There was another attempt to catch her. The woman scattered the feed closer and closer to the car in which the trapper was sitting. But the dogs did not go to the car. We agreed that the feeding place would be moved closer to the passage, to the right of the store, and then call the trapper. But that doesn’t work either.

What to do? The dog is injured. The hostess of the Dom Doba shelter agrees to take her in. Where else to go to catch her? People catch tigers in the taiga, but here they can’t catch a dog. Maybe there are other ways? Nets, fences? Maybe something else? If helpers are needed, we can gather 10 people. An animal will die.
Alexander Klementiev, 20.09.2022.

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