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[Epoch Times, June 24, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) Recently, Chuu (Jin Zhiyu), a member of the Korean girl group LOONA, is rumored to be working with the agency BY4M Studio. In response, her current agency, BlockBerry Creative, issued a statement on the 23rd, saying that Chuu-related matters were rumored to be “unfounded” and that the company would take measures to hinder members’ activities.

A few days ago, media reported that Chuu took the brokerage firm BlockBerry Creative as a target, and filed a false sanction with the court to terminate the validity of the exclusive contract, and partially won the case in March. Recently, there were media reports that Chuu signed a contract with the agency BY4M Studio, ready for a new start. However, BlockBerry Creative has not officially responded to these rumors.

After the news that Chuu signed a contract with the agency BY4M Studio came out on the 22nd, Chuu said on the platform that she communicated with fans that she would do her best for the members and fans, protect everything she wanted to protect, and said “don’t worry” to fans.

Chuu has been absent from this month’s girls’ group activities several times before, and this year, due to the schedule of activities in the second half of the year, he was unable to participate in this month’s girl’s first world tour “2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR” [LOONATHEW ORLD]”, and its future trends have also attracted attention. Therefore, although Chuu participated in the work related to this new album, the news that Chuu signed with other companies still caused fans to worry.

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In this regard, this month’s girl agency BlockBerry Creative announced on the 23rd that this month’s girl’s summer special mini-album “Flip That” will be released on the 20th and carry out promotional activities. The members trust each other and carry out activities together for their respective dreams. In order to support the dreams of members and allow them to focus on their activities, the company will take legal measures to deal with incidents that hinder them.

BlockBerry Creative also said, “The recent incidents related to the girl of the month member Chuu are unfounded, and although neither the company nor the members have made an official stance, some reports have made fans and the public feel guilty by using the language of ‘relevant sources’. Confusion. Once again, the company will take active measures to deal with the content of unconfirmed factual relations and unilateral reports and comments that damage the reputation of the company and members.”

At the end of the statement, BlockBerry Creative stated that during the start of the new album “Flip That” this week, the company and the members of this month’s girls will do their best, promising not to worry fans and the public, and to show everyone a good appearance.

BlockBerry Creative also stated that the company will take strong penalties for maliciously expanding explanations and promoting malicious comments that go beyond the mere expression of opinions.

Responsible editor: Liu Yuhan

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