It became known who Kirkorov whipped with roses at a concert in Kazakhstan

Variety performer Philip Kirkorov continues to excite the public with his extraordinary actions and sharp words addressed to colleagues in the shop. Most recently, the singer Nargiz heard a “couple of affectionate” words about herself, and now the “king of pop” grabbed a bouquet of roses, whipping an unknown person at his concert.

The media wrote that at a performance in Kazakhstan, Philip Bedrosovich descended from the stage and lashed the face of the audience sitting in the front row with one of the presented bouquets. At the same time, he looked unperturbed and then immediately returned to the stage, continuing the performance.

The representative of the artist, Ekaterina Uspenskaya, explained who exactly the performer whipped with flowers. So, according to her, Kirkorov hit a member of his team, who did not let the fans closer to the stage, RIA Novosti reports. Uspenskaya stressed that Kirkorov did not like this behavior and he naturally decided to stand up for the fans.

Earlier, Moika78 reported that Philip Kirkorov urged Nargiz to “make friends with the head.” At the same time, the singer convicted the performer of hypocrisy.

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