Israel is carrying out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip after launching burning balloons

The Israeli air force on Sunday carried out attacks on two objects in the Gaza Strip, the army said.

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The attacks took place following clashes between the people of the Gaza Strip and Israeli security forces at the border and the launch of burning balloons in the direction of southern Israel.

“Israeli Defense Forces jet planes attacked the Hamas military complex, which is used for armaments production and training, as well as the entrance to the terror tunnel near Jabalia,” the army said in a statement.

“The attacks were a response to Hamas’ firing of balloons in southern Israel and the violent riots that took place yesterday.”

No reports have been received from the Gaza Strip of casualties.

Two wild fires broke out in the Ashkali region next to the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Israeli firefighters said.

On Saturday, during protests near the border, the Israeli army fired tear gas projectiles and noise grenades at protesters, but Palestinians burned tires, an AFP correspondent reported from the scene.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has confirmed that 11 Palestinians have been injured in the clashes, three shot with ammunition.

On Saturday, the Gazans said goodbye to 12-year-old Omar Hasan Abu an Nila. They were shot dead by Israeli security forces in a clash near the border a week ago.

In 2018, the Gazans began a protest movement demanding an end to the Israeli blockade, as well as demanding the right of Palestinians to return to the lands from which they fled or were expelled after the establishment of Israel in 1948.

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