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January 15, 2022 12:17

Mr. Fujii
Mr Sato
Mirai Support staff (left) who convey lessons learned from the earthquake by using apps, etc.
Car-sharing association staff and volunteers in front of donated cars

The winners of the “15th Ishinomaki Grand Prize” have been decided to commend individuals and groups that have contributed to the regional promotion and name recognition of Ishinomaki City in industry, sports, and culture. Two individuals and two groups were selected, including Naonobu Fujii (30), who was born in the Ogatsu district of the city and participated in the Tokyo Olympics last summer as a representative of Japan for men’s volleyball. Awards will be given at the Ishinomaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Membership Convention on March 2.

Other award winners are Misato Sato, a third-year student at Tokiwagi Gakuen High School, who won the National High School Championships (Inter-High) 200 meters last summer, Mirai Support, a public interest incorporated association, and the Japan Car Sharing Association.

Fujii is from the former Osu Naka. After graduating from Juntendo University, he joined Toray Industries, Inc. of the V League. At the Tokyo Olympics, he participated in 4 out of 6 games as a setter and contributed to the 8th place for the first time in 29 years.

Mr. Sato is from Ishinomaki. It was the first time for the prefectural team to conquer the Inter-High Athletics Women’s 200m, and they also played an active part in the 100m 4th and 1600m relay 3rd.

Mirai Support will work on handing down activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In March of last year, the tradition base “MEET Kadowaki” was opened in the city. We will contribute to disaster prevention education for children, such as accepting many educational trips.

The Japan Car Sharing Association is developing “community car sharing” in which residents share donated cars in temporary housing and disaster public housing in the city. We are supporting reconstruction by delivering cars to disaster-stricken areas nationwide.

The selection committee examined 12 individuals and groups recommended by various circles, and decided at the Ishinomaki Chamber of Commerce Standing Committee in December last year. The award was given at the New Year’s greeting party in January every year, but it will be held in March because the event was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus following last year.

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