Is your computer running slower? Maybe someone is digging cryptocurrencies on it

Cybercriminals have come up with another reason to attack consumer computers and laptops. Another threat threatens mostly gamers, but not only, say Avast, quoted by CNBC.

The new malware Crackonosh is built into the free versions of popular games such as NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry, The Sims 4 and others, which are distributed on torrent sites.

When the game is installed, Crackonosh enters the system, which quietly begins to use the power of the computer to extract cryptocurrency for hackers, thus slowing down its work and increasing energy consumption. According to Avast, cybercriminals have managed to earn $ 2 million in the cryptocurrency Monero since June 2018.

About 220,000 users are affected, according to the company. And about 800 new ones get infected every day. The number is only reported for systems that use Avast’s antivirus program, so it’s probably far higher. Crackonosh only affects Windows computers.

Malicious code is hidden from the system, including by disabling operating system updates and removing antivirus programs.

Where does he come from? Probably from the Czech Republic, as its name means “mountain spirit” in Czech folklore, say Avast.

The company discovered its existence after some users complained that their antivirus program had suddenly disappeared.


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