Is the dog cold? Pay attention to these details

How to understand if the dog is cold? There is a really simple method. And here’s also how to protect it in the case.

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The cold really extreme can also cause problems for animals, especially dogs used to living indoors. Despite the thick coat they can still suffer from the cold. Usually when dogs suffer from the cold, they begin to shiver and curl up and sleep more. We therefore understand specifically how to understand if our dog is cold and how to be able to protect him.

Winter is no problem only to people, but also to animals. They too suffer from the cold, especially if they are not used to and predisposed to low temperatures. However, it is clear that it is specific situations related to certain circumstances that cause these problems.

How to tell if your dog is cold

Dog in the cold how to protect him
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The symptom that most highlights that a dog is suffering from the cold it is undoubtedly the tremor. If the dog is cold, he begins to shiver and curls up, trying to occupy as little space as possible to preserve body heat. He also tends to move little and sleep more.

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Other physical manifestations that indicate that the dog is cold, are the excessive dryness of the nose and shortness of breath. In these cases it is necessary to intervene. There are also some dog diseases that are caused by the cold.

For example, it could get sick with fever and breathing problems. He can develop a bad cold, pneumonia, bronchitis or tracheitis. All these problems are usually manifested by nasal and ocular discharge, sneezing and also cough, fever, loss of appetite, depression and lethargy. In short, the same symptoms as humans.

Other problems that can arise then are i joint ailments or to the muscles, especially if the cold is accompanied by strong humidity. It can be a simple stiffness or numbness going as far as developing actual arthritis.

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So let’s find out how we can protect our dogs from the cold. The first thing to do is to understand if the dog shows signs of feeling unwell from the cold and in this case warm it up and keep it warm as much as possible. You can cover it with blankets or towels. You can also place him on a bed in a dry and sheltered place, preferably near a heat source but only for a short time and if he has been exposed to cold temperatures for many hours.

If he dog lives more outside, an area covered by a canopy must be available, so that it is sheltered from rain and wind. A kennel and blankets and carpets should then be placed inside. If, on the other hand, the dog lives at home, provide him with kennels, carpets and blankets to protect him. Placing the doghouse on a wooden platform helps insulate the doghouse and conserve heat.

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Eventually then you can cover your puppies smaller ones and those who have shorter hair, with coats but only when you take them outside. Undoubtedly the breeds that suffer the most from the cold are dachshunds, chihuahuas or even the Chinese crested dog. Instead the more northern breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute and the Husky have a thicker coat and do not suffer from the cold.

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